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Your assignment this week will focus on the case study Tata “Nano”: The People’s Car. We move to the country of India, home to 1.35 billion people and local car manufacturer Tata Motors. The Tata Group, a local Indian conglomerate, is important to the social fabric of India with companies in media, telecom, retail, and real estate, among other local industries. Tata Motors saw a need for an inexpensive automobile that could be built with a family in mind and came up with the Nano, dubbed “The People’s Car”.Reflecting on this week’s content focusing on ethical leadership; develop an essay making decisions for the following questions.

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Case Study Tata “Nano”
Thesis statement: Evaluating the production of the car, the political risks associated with its
production and the possibilities of the global success of the car.
1. Introduction
2. Tata Motors Inspiration
➢ Need for inexpensive car for the low income earners
3. Tata Motors Innovation to Low Budget Production
➢ Reduced features
4. Quality of Nona
5. Political Risk
➢ Land dispute
6. Alliance Formation
7. Global Popularity
8. Tata as an Ethical Leader
9. Conclusion

Running head: CASE STUDY TATA “NANO”

Case Study Tata “Nano”
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Tata Motors is one of the leading automobile companies in India. The company has
drastically grown over the years with its operations going global and increasing its innovations in
the motor industry. The company is associated with innovations that consider the needs and
economic status of its customers. One of the most significant production is Nano or what is
popularly considered to as the people's car. My paper will be evaluating the production of the car,
the political risks associated with its production and the possibilities of the global success of the
Tata Motors Inspiration
Tata motors were inspired by the vast Indian population that was locked out of the car
market. The company perceived a new market of safe and affordable cars for low-income earners
in India. India had a considerable population, and there were various cars introduced to the markets
allowing some of the people to own vehicles. However, a significant amount of the population
could not access the cars due to the cost of owning a car. Therefore the management of Tata Motors
came up with a car that was affordable to this population. The middle-class population in India
earned an estimation of $6000, and hence they were certain that a more affordable car would
increase the market base. The company developed the Nano car that was to cost the people $2500.
Tata Motors Innovation to Low Budget Production
Tata Motors Company were determined to develop an inexpensive vehicle and used
various measures to reach this objective. One...

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