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write a Research assignment based on the topic chosen on assignment 1
Research Assignment: Research assignment need complete by march 22nd before 11;00 pm EST(8-10 pages)

write a PowerPoint presentation (Microsoft) Based on the topic that Research paper

PowerPoint presentation (Microsoft) -need to complete by march 22nd before 11;00 pm EST(more that 10 slides)

Research assignment

Write a Research assignment based on the topic chosen on assignment 1 ((march 22ND 11;00pm EST)) 8-10 PAGES

along with assignment complete PPT

PowerPoint presentation (Microsoft)

write a PowerPoint presentation (Microsoft) Based on the topic that Research paper

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Effects of Cybersecurity on Organizational performance
Technological advancement has boosted interaction, commerce and industry in the society. The
use of internet has gained massive usage in business in numerous ways and has proved to improve
organizational performance, however, it has exposed the organizations to new risks that result from
attacks through the digital interfaces. Cybersecurity is significant in making sure that the organizations
data is safe from internal and external attacks by bad actors. Cybersecurity mainly encompasses the
body of technologies, structures, processes and practices that are mainly used to protect computers,
networks, programs and data from unauthorized damage or access. The main goal for cybersecurity
strategy is to ensure data integrity, confidentiality and availability. Cybersecurity issues can affect an
organization and its reputation greatly such as in an event when a hacker obtains sensitive information
such as credit card details and bank accounts, and there are many open markets for such sensitive
information and the organization might be subject to fraud and breach of privacy laws. High profile
security breaches have greatly impacted organizations globally.
To understand the effects of cybersecurity on organizational performance, this research will
mainly focus on the impacts of cyberattacks on different organizations performance and will greatly
consider cybersecurity as a top priority to be examined. The study will also conduct a qualitative analysis
to understand the effects of adoption of a cybersecurity strategy on the security of the business systems.
Lastly this paper will explore how the corporations can improve their cybersecurity defense mechanism
to prevent any case of cyberattacks because cyberattacks have been proven to cause major operational
disruptions in businesses. Milton Ezrati (2018) who is an economics and finance writer for Forbes
asserted that cybersecurity is a major concern but a great business opportunity for busi...

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