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The course is Logistics In Emergency Management

The topic of the paper is one of these three topic choose what it is good for you and write the paper

You may select one of the topics for your paper:

1- A community of approximately 10,000 has been exposed to an unknown virus. It appears to be spread by contact. At present, only a small portion of the population is affected. Government leaders and health officials are contemplating community containment. Discuss how you, as the logistic chief, would supply and support emergency operations, what agencies would you seek support from, and establish points of distribution.

2- Severe storms have ravaged your rural community of 10,000. Fortunately, there are few deaths but many are displaced. Being rural, access to the community is limited and made worse by the storms. Discuss your immediate actions post-incident, and present a plan for short term sustainment of operations and support to population. If a logistics pre-plan would be beneficial, include that in your discussion.

3- Your rural community of 10,000 main employer- a large agricultural chemical processing plant- is struck by a large fire. Due to the nature of the chemicals, the fire may last for days. Emergency Management has decided to tell citizens to shelter in place versus to evacuate. The incident has drawn responders from a large area, and most arrive ill equipped for a sustained operation. Further complicating the issue is water runoff from fire suppression into the town’s only source of water. Discuss how you would support both the citizens and the providers while being aware of sheltering, along with limited movement because of the fire. Do not be concerned about the potential exposure- focus on the logistic support.


The final paper will be your opportunity to present a plan and objectives for providing logistic support to a fictional disaster situation. Although every situation encountered has its own unique requirements in order to successfully support the operation, there are basic actions taken pre-, intra- and post that should be followed. Incorporate what you have learned in policy, practice and possibly personal experience and develop an operational (tactical) plan- focused on logistics support- to ensure that disaster operations go smoothly. The goal of your paper should not to create the “perfect solution”; more it should be an examination/analysis of the situation at hand, and your role as a disaster logistician to assist the Incident Commander in supporting emergency operations.

1- 3000 WORDS OR MORE. with at least 12 correct references format because will affect the grade if not.

2- Write as a second Language and Use Simple Academic Words.

4- Use correct citation APA style format 6th edition including in-text citations.

5- Use the Grammarly program to correct all the mistakes that give you because my university checks and depends on Grammarly.

6- Avoid passive voice absolutely.

7- Avoid start a new sentence with unclear subjects such as (THIS).

8- Avoid plagiarism and check it before you send, please

10- Write the outlines on first then use them to write because we must follow them to keep the paper organized and arrange the ideas to not confuse the readers.

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Disaster Management
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Disaster Management
Disasters and natural catastrophes have a massive impact on the world’s social and
economical way of life. Today news headlines majorly address issues of disasters that continue
to ravage the world’s population. In this report, we will discuss a similar case of the coronavirus
pandemic, which continues to destroy the world’s economy. An outbreak of viral disease within
a community is one of the most severe disasters that can cause high death rates, mainly when not
managed properly. The concept of disaster management, therefore, comes in to mitigate and
control the speed at which the viral disease spreads. Disaster management also involves the
concepts of logistic preparedness to help in maintaining and managing the menace within the
community. Disaster management requires proper planning and creating awareness that will help
to avert the spread of a viral disaster. Besides, disaster management teams need to have special
skills and training to help them analyze and evaluate how they can engage with the affected
people to control and maintain the disaster. Logistic preparedness also works with disaster
management teams by providing support to the affected community in very instances to manage
the failure.
The virus that has affected the particular community is highly contagious as it spreads
through contact. The government leaders and health officials need to have drastic measures to
prevent the spread of the disease to other people as it has affected a small population of people.
A contagious disease can spread through direct body contact or coming into contact with fluids
from an infected person (Malilay, Heumann, et al. 2014). The community is also vulnerable to



the disease as the government and health officials have not made any awareness to the
community concerning the illness. The community affected is not aware of the control measures
they should take towards the disease; thus, this factor can enhance the spread the viral infection.
The outbreak of a contagious viral infection requires an immediate and rapid response to
avert the spread of the viral infection. As the chief of logistics, I will emphasize my team to take
safety measures towards the operation of delivery in the areas hit by the disaster. The team will
need protective clothing to prevent them from contracting the disease, which spreads through
contact. They will also require proper awareness about the disease, and they shall also analyze
and assess the disaster.
Assessment and Planning
As the logistic chief, I would carry out a mapping strategy to help in determining the
most affected regions within the community. Mapping help to identify the correct measures and
the tools needed when interacting with the affected people ( Wisetjindawat, Fujita, et al. 2014). It
was also essential to learn people’s perceptions concerning the disease. The community has a
role to play by airing out their views to the government, health officials, and the logistics
preparedness team. It is essential to assess the community to know the items the community
needs at the time of a disaster. An infectious disease requires an extensive supply of protective
clothing to the community that will help prevent the occurrence of a new infection. During the
time of the disaster, food supply becomes limited as people never move. Therefore, it is vital to
carry out mapping to determine the number of people affected and what they might need during a
disastrous moment (Dias, 2018). Another importance of carrying out an evaluation is to enable



the logistics team to identify the extent of the crisis in the community. The logistic team will
carry out a situational assessment to determine the scope of the crisis before carrying out a
response against the disease (Sappanen & Virrantaus, 2015). Through the evaluation of the crisis,
the logistics team is capable of implementing relevant logistic pro...

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