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Engineering is all about continuously improving designs. In this paper, you will find an electrical device and critique the design. After considering the positives and negatives of the design, suggest and explain at least three improvements that could be made to the design. The device you choose could be any electronic device that you use in your daily life or any other device that you know could use some improvements. For instance, some type of radio. As an example, you might pick something like a car radio and describe the positive features and the negative features (at least 3 each). Then for the negative features you can propose design improvements (redesign). Should buttons be designed or built differently. Should the interface function in a different manner? Are there parts that are not reliable mechanically? To describe the redesign you could take pictures of the device that you own or find pictures on websites (make sure you include references!). To show how the redesign would look you can draw on the pictures. Or if there is some functionality redesign you can describe it in words. You could also draw diagrams from scratch. Your paper should have the following parts:

• Title Page

• The Device

• Who makes the device?

• What does the device do?

•Design Critique – The Positives

• What are at least three positives of the design?

• Design Critique – The Negatives

• What are at least three negatives of the design?

• Redesign

• What are three design improvements that you would suggest and how should the improvements be made?

• Include images and figures

• Summary

• Recap the highlights of the redesign

• “Sell” the redesign that you are proposing

• References

• Use APA format for your references

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The Electric Kettle
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The Electric Kettle
Over the past years, man has gradually improved the functionality of most of the
commonly used household items. Each day, human beings have focused on making things easier
and achievable through the application of science. With continued advancements and
improvements, human beings have been able to invent electric kettles which came to replace the
ancient kettles that were made from iron and which required direct contact with fire for heating
purposes. Since the invention of the first electric kettle in 1891, man has worked tirelessly to
improve it. Nevertheless, there still remain some of the improvements that may be added to the
current electric kettles in the market.
An electric kettle is simply a type of a kettle that heats liquid in it without necessarily
having to place it directly above a flame. Instead, the kettle uses a heating element to warm and
heat liquids. As such, the time taken to heat the liquid is considerably less compared to using the
ancient kettles. Today, most households have adopted to the use of the electric kettle. Being
readily available in the market and through offering affordable prices, most people have taken up
their use in different places including offices, homes, and organizations. Additionally, more than
one thousand models of electric kettles are available today in the market. This brings about
competition which in turn leads to improvements (Gaulard, 2006).
Its functionality is quite simple. When the device is plugged in to an outlet, a large
amount of elect...

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