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TRENDS IN CLOUD COMPUTING ABSTRACT Cloud computing involves the use of remote servers that are hosted on the Internet. The technology has been a game-changer in the world of technology as it has dramatically influenced the aspect of storing, processing, and also managing data. Besides, technology has witnessed a couple of trends that have attracted the attention of crucial technology players. In line with this, the paper will investigate the various trends in cloud computing. Keywords: cloud computing, social networking, Security, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. INTRODUCTION Cloud computing is one of the newest areas of interest in the world of computing. The technology entails the use of cloud services to store, manage, process, and even ensure that data is secure. Cloud computing involves the use of remote servers that are hosted on the Internet. As a result, the technology has seen an increased reduction of the use of physical servers and computers by companies in storing, managing, and also processing their data. In recent days, technology has witnessed several changes or, rather, trends that will be covered briefly in the paper. Cloud is a collective term for a massive number of possibilities and developments. It is more of a practical innovation than an invention that combines several other inventions to become something compelling and new. Cloud computing puts together and merges several technologies that already exist together, where they include virtualization, time-sharing, web interactivity, browser interface, and high bandwidth networks. Cloud computing helps companies and businesses to transform their initial existing server infrastructures to form a dynamic environment that leads to the expansion and reduction of the server’s capacity. A cloud computing platform, configures, depravations, and reconfigures the servers. Many issues arise firm adopting the cloud computing platform, and the articles below discuss some of the main issues associated with cloud computing. LITERATURE REVIEW Different studies, such as Varghese & Buyya (2018), recognize that cloud computing is one of the booming technologies. The technology has witnessed immense growth rates over the last couple of years. Notably, more companies and institutions continue to adopt cloud services. Besides, the use of Iaas, Paas as well as SaaS continues to increase. Additionally, Varghese & Buyya (2018) express their optimism that the revenue earned from cloud technology will continue to grow. Also, cloud services will continue to advance. For instance, different companies have embarked on the process of adopting private and hybrid technologies, which are much significant in storing, processing, and also managing big company data. Cloud asserts that conceptually the "cloud" at the Internet conceals to be had computing resources and offers an elegant interface, through which customers might be capable of using the whole World Wide Web as a powerful personal laptop. The evolution of computing into six stages: the mainframe, the microcomputer, the LAN, the Internet, grid computing, and cloud computing(Voas & Zhang 2009). METHODOLOGY Cloud computing has dramatically been evolving, with higher data being generated. Cloud service has resulted in excessive communication being created between various cloud servers that are inexpensive, thus leading to more, better, and more excellent connectivity with billions of connected computers and computer users. FINDINGS Trends in cloud computing Cloud computing seems to have practically taken over many industries in the world, including building management, transportation, energy, healthcare, precision agriculture, and the likes. The options of connectivity by internet cloud services seem to be increasing by a hugely significant amount for application developers and electronic engineers. Computers significantly connected do not necessarily provide the benefit of the connection to people. However, the network connected to the devices tends to receive information that they gather from the environment, which tends to be the source of success. Cloud services that are provided from the connectivity help the devices to offer information that is valuable by acting upon and reaching out to the world. The connected devices are not limited to given computers that the organizations own but are able to span from devices of every personal individual that are used or the big one through the services of internet cloud services. Khan, N., & Al-Yasiri, A. (2016). discusses the security threats that are associated with cloud computing being adopted in organizations and businesses. Cloud computing is seen to allows organizations to outsource their total process in information technology, thus enabling them to focus more on their main and core business, thus able to enhance innovation and productivity in the services they offer to their customers. There are more benefits that are seen to be gained after adopting cloud computing like the cut down on the major costs that a business incurs over IT infrastructure with them not losing the customers’ needs focus. Despite the many advantages that can be associated with a company adopting the cloud computing framework, the implementation is seen to be faced with some challenges due to issues relating to privacy and security. The article summarizes a combination of several interviews that were conducted with security experts and cloud developers, and the results reviewed Khan, N., & Al-Yasiri, A. (2016). There were many security issues and threats that a company exposes itself to after adopting the cloud computing framework. The study in this article well elaborates and offers an understanding of the future and current, privacy, and security challenges that cloud computing are associated with. Most of the security and privacy issues identified well offer the right attribute of what cloud computing is. Over time, there has been continuous growth concern and awareness towards cloud computing, especially on the issue of information security. The article well shows the continued growth in the usage and awareness of Security Algorithms into data processes and systems. Figure 1: Layard Cloud Architecture Khan, N., & Al-Yasiri, A. (2016), well presents an overview and comparison of different algorithms together with the Cryptographic algorithm offering a great emphasis on Symmetric algorithms that ought to be used for services and applications that are cloud-based and require a link and data encryption. The asymmetric and Trends in cloud computing symmetric applications are reviewed with there being an emphasis on Symmetric algorithms in consideration of security issues that one should use for cloud-based services and applications which require a link and data encryption. The article identifies that with the emergence of cloud computing as a new technology aspect in the technology industry, private and public corporate and enterprise organizations are either using the services of cloud in the processor as a service for them to get to their end goal despite them facing privacy, security, and data theft issues. Therefore, the use of security algorithms and their implementation is crucial for the cloud, and they need to be utilized properly in order to ensure the best security is offered to the end-user Khan, N., & AlYasiri, A. (2016). According to Yoo, S. K., & Kim, B. Y. (2018), shows the use of artificial intelligence, big data and new communication and information technologies which have led to the improved business competitiveness and sustainable developments. It is evident from the article that cloud services were seen and classified as having special requirements of the system for the organization of a business can it be represented by cloud computing architectures layers that are different like software as a service. The article also highlights that the IT environment services undergoes continuous changes thus companies are required to recheck and reconsider business models. The article is recommendable because it shows and advises companies on what is right to do in relation to their cloud computing effect that they receive in their company or business as well as it advices on which is the right cloud computing system to adopt to their business model. In reference to the aspect of the model of decision making, the article advices and recommends the cloud computing system to be adopted. The critical variables in the decision areas in the hierac8hical structure is well elaborated in terms of its environment, organization, technology as well as other attributes of decision making for the adoption of cloud computing. The research also offers an explosive comparative analysis between providers and demanders of the adoption of cloud computing. The article is helpful because it continues to offer and suggest important factors to the top management support system, the compatibility and competitive pressure associated with the adoption of the cloud. For more understanding please take a look on figure 2. Figure 2: The Cloud Computing Adoption Model The article investigates the advancement of the consumers process of adoption and the technological innovations associated with the services of cloud computing. It focuses on the continued increase rate of the role of big data and cognitive computing that affects the adoption of technologies that are emerging. As more worldwide consumers continue using mobile computing, the online advertisement role continues to be examined to help understand the affects and effects of cloud computing in relation to the marketing fields Ratten, V. (2020). There is thus a great discussion on how the value of social capital can be put to place to improve the adoption of cloud computing technologies especially those that highlight the mindset of consumers and their importance. The article well highlights this mindsets of consumers and how cloud computing can be used to alleviate the consumers Trends in cloud computing concerns as well as meet to offer solution as the cloud computing. Emerging innovations as a result are well discussed and elaborated Ratten, V. (2020). The Nandgaonkar, S. V., & Raut, A. B. (2014) defining cloud computing to be a massively scalable, configurable resource that is on-demand as a computing model where it is seen to be the latest discussion in the information sector. The article shows that cloud computing offers cloud infrastructure in more of a distributed compared to a dedicated infrastructure which is seen to allow clients to have access that is complete and full to the reliable and scalable resources with continued high performance. Therefore, everything is seen to be provided to the client over the Internet as a utility service. IoT tagged objects generate data that is high, and therefore cloud computing becomes a key to store the unpredictable generated data from the tagged devices. The article continues to discuss the evolution of cloud computing. The information is important in helping one have a great background in understanding where cloud computing evolved from. The article offers great exposure to the different forms of cloud deployment models by continuing to offer an understanding of the characteristics of cloud computing as well as the different models. Something outstanding about the article is that it gives a discussion on the cloud computing actors. It well shows that the NIST based reference cloud computing model gives information about the major participants, including their functions, actions, characteristics, uses, and standards of each participant that is in the cloud paradigm. The article offers very crucial information like the major cloud actors that are found in the architecture of the cloud. They include the cloud provider, cloud broker, cloud auditor, cloud carrier, and cloud consumer. The information is able to teach one the whole connectivity of cloud happens Nandgaonkar, S. V., & Raut, A. B. (2014). According to Knorr, E. (2017) offers two ways in which cloud computing can be defined and understood. The first one is where workloads are seen to be run remotely over the Internet by the provider's data centers, which in most cases are commercial like that one of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web services and in the current days, businesses are seen to use more than one of these clouds. The other meaning that is brought out in this article is about cloud computing is on how it works. It explains that this form of cloud computing and how it works offers a great advantage of agility, which is the ability to store, compute and network resources to the needed workloads and get into the abundance of services that are rebuilt. The article also well explains the different forms of cloud computing, which include the different services and functions offered by cloud computing, the difference between public cloud, hybrid cloud, and the private cloud. The article offering all these definitions and differences gives the reader a chance to clearly understand and differentiate these concepts appropriately. The article continues to offer a great elaboration on the benefits that one gains or a company gains after using cloud computing. The article is a very informative one in terms of explaining the management of cloud computing platforms. It is seen to eliminate the installation steps, and setups as the client of the cloud accessing the hardware resources stay and coexist on different platforms in a distributed form or way. Power consumption, excessive heat reduction, and energy optimization in the cloud environment greatly differentiate it from ordinary or traditional computing, which is seen to be eco-friendly. Figure 3: Cloud computing Architecture(google) Trends in cloud computing Wang, Y., Chen, R., & Wang, D. C. (2015) Overtime, it is evident that the use of cloud computing has been on arise and it will continue to increase going forward. According to this article, it shows that cloud computing is a tool technology that enables the users to access and configure software storage, hardware and software applications where they put processes directly from the internet or web. The article points out a very important fact that the prevalence of the use of mobile devices like the tablets and smart phones have led to the adoption of fast internet access using the 4Gs and 3Gs communications that are linked in the cloud computing in the form of a mobile. The devices are seen to have cheap, fast and direct link to the internet thus making it easier to download and upload applications and programs into the online network storage and internet services. Figure 3: Cloud Computing Applications (google) The records frameworks offices on this undertaking might be evidence contrary to SaaS, as they may catch lost administration quality if structures are aiming to the cloud, (Black, Mandelbaum, Grover, and Marvi, 2010). The figure for distributed computing procedures can be controlled inside the financial association by utilizing way of the issues inside the writing. This delivery approach of data frameworks grants readiness in the arrangement of organization assignments, flexibility, and adaptability inside the versatility of administrations, and especially expense financing conservation (Ahuja and Rolli, 2011) and overhead obtainment monetary reserve funds (Nimsoft, 2011) a period. This system licenses productiveness money related investment funds in the reconciliation of long range interpersonal communication innovation. (Boulton, 2011). Most companies in bosses have in any event one cloud organization. (Dark, and Mandelbaum, and Grover, and Marvi, 2010). SaaS(Software as a service) I If it gives software program application services, the utilization of a single recurrence of the application runs on the cloud services, and more than one client's customers or purchaser enterprises. The most routinely analyzed case of SaaS is even though numerous phenomenal models have improved showcase, which consolidates the Google Apps giving of fundamental business organization contributions that join email and word preparation. Indeed, even notwithstanding the way that drove the meaning of cloud processing with the Trends in cloud computing guide of utilizing limited years, it currently works with the asset of using its partner, which can be divided through method for a stage as an organization. (Puri et al., 2019). PaaS(Platform as a corporation) Stage as a bearer unites a layer of software and make accessible it as an organization that might be utilized to gather better acknowledgment contributions. There are, in any event, two perspectives on PaaS temporary at the attitude of the maker or client of the inputs. Somebody creating PaaS execution produces a stage through teaming up an OS, middleware, software, or maybe an improvement domain that is sooner than provided to a benefactor as a supplier. For example, any individual growing a PaaS introducing would conceivably put together it with respect to a hard and fast of computerized hypervisor machines that envelop an incorporated advancement condition, a Web stack and asset for included programming dialects which incorporate Perl or Ruby. Somebody the utilization of PaaS may see an outlined organization. This is outfitted to them through an API. The benefactor communicates by means of a method for the stage through the API, sooner than the stage does what's important to control and scale itself to give a specific level of administration. IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) Infrastructure as a supplier parts simple stockpiling and figure abilities as consistent contributions over the system. Servers, carport structures, switches, switches, and different structures are joined together and made accessible to holder remaining burdens that run from application parts to unbalanced run of the mill by and large execution processing applications. Business tests of IaaS envelop, whose significant item is a line of virtualized servers that furnish you with the money for a particularly accessible available to come into work for the foundation. It coordinates memory and I/O devices, carport and figuring usefulness directly into a computerized resources pool, and offers stockpiling sources and virtualization administration for the entire business endeavor. This is a way of facilitated equipment, and the client pays after they utilize the equipment. For instance, Amazon Web Service and IBM Blue Cloud all rent the foundation as assistance. The benefit of IaaS is that the individual best need low worth equipment and rent figuring capacity and carport capacity in accordance with his need, significantly decreased the pace of the equipment. As of now, Google cloud software program has most delegates, together with Google Docs Google Apps, Google Sites, and Google App Engine. (Hari, Krishnaa, and Kiranb, and Muralia, and Pradeep Kumar, 2016). The assess recommends lost in-power area, and case examines concerning cloud processing appropriation systems, in contrast with those on cloud figuring reception factors. However, quantitative research and applied articles appeared to be predominant. However, there is theoretical research that has not been tried. For instance, a gander at proposed a cloud hypothetically figuring reception appraisal form that thinks about gauges for settling on the cloud supplier; however, this adaptation has not been tried experimentally yet. Accordingly, moreover, subjective investigations wish to be embraced to find further issues and test the previous hypothetical inclinations concerning this region observationally. Therefore, this triggers inquiries regarding the IS explore round table Or alternately, These inquiries should be examined very well the utilization of two or three individual cases look into in exceptional settings, nations, and ventures to all the more likely perceive cloud register ...
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