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Create a 2-page corrective action plan based on a hypothetical problem that developed as a result of the strategic plan your

Include the following in your plan:

  • Stakeholders accountable for the corrective action
  • Two to three measurable solutions to the problem

I was thinking for the hypothetical problem something along the lines of community outrage with the community thinking the police department has been using excessive and unnecessary forces while cracking down on crime?? Any thoughts or other suggestions???

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1 Corrective Action Plan for Anytown Police Department Learning Team A- Alaya Martinez, Antonio Alcaraz, Brandon Olson, Jesus Solorzano, Kelly Isenberg CJA/475: Strategic Planning and Forecasting March 23rd, 2020 Mr. Reginald Anthony 2 Corrective Action Plan for Anytown Police Department It has been brought to the attention of the Police Chief of Anytown Police Department multiple times via the media, public feedback, and community complaints, that the members feel there is an increase of excessive and unnecessary force used on members of the society by the police officers. Community members have expressed they have noticed an increase in patrol while crime itself seems to be decreasing, yet the community is becoming outraged as to what they believe is happening. As part of the strategic plan outline, the department wishes to actually conduct themselves in the opposite way- meaning to use less force as possible and to train their officers how to conduct themselves properly while maintaining their safety. With an effort to improve community relations this issue must be addressed in multiple ways. Stakeholders Accountable for the Corrective Action Two to Three Measurable Solutions to the Problem Stakeholders Accountable for Implementing and Monitoring the Solutions Monitors the execution of the Stakeholder Management Plan by the team managers and all others who interface with stakeholders. It reviews what was expected to be accomplished at the contact points specified in the Stakeholder Management Plan. But also determines what has been done to execute the plan and the results of those efforts. And the assesses the effectiveness of planned actions/ activities on identified goals, based on the agreed measurement criteria. And it applies or recommends corrective action, as required, to adjust stakeholder interactions to achieve project goals and business case, either for imminent or future activities. However it does determine whether new issues or risks have arisen that call for new Stakeholder Management activities in later steps in the project, defines them if needed, and updates/ amends the Stakeholder Management Plan. 3 Timeline Allowed With A Deadline Strategy for Monitoring the Progress Long-Term Strategic Management Recommendations Excessive force is something that can be avoided. Some of the recommendations that can be made to avoid excessive uses of force long-term would be to hire officers that can keep calm in stressful situations, constantly train the officers that are employed by this agency, and continue to hold the officers that have used excessive force accountable for their actions. It is important to realize that not everyone will be a good police officer. Police officers are often placed into stressful situations that might require using force to take control of the situation, these officers need to be able to make ethical decisions at all times. Constant training is also something that will reduce the amount of excessive force long-term. By constantly training, officers will have a better idea of how to handle certain situations, and the officers will have a better sense of what is right and what is wrong. Even with hiring officers that are capable of making good decisions, and having them constantly train, there will be times that excessive force is used. When this happens, it is important to show the officer that has used excessive force, as well as the other officers employed by the agency that it will not be tolerated. By showing them that excessive force is unacceptable, it will show the officers employed by the agency that they will not use excessive force and face no consequences. ...
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Corrective Action Plan




Stakeholders Accountable for the Corrective Action
The stakeholders accountable for police misconduct include the police department,
criminal justice, and community policing. These stakeholders engage the police in various
activities; therefore, they can control the activities of the police. According to Obasogie &
Newman (2017), police accountability involves holding law enforcement agencies and police
officers responsible for offering basic services of crime control and maintaining order. Police
officers and law enforcement agencies encompass the police department. Thus, they are liable for
police misconduct since they regulate police actions. For instance, law enforcement agencies use
the police to uphold laws regarding such as arrests, discrimination, search and seizure, and other
laws that ensure security in public.
Community policing personnel is an important stakeholder in police accountability since
they work collaboratively with the police to ensure public safety. Desmond et al. (2016) argue
that community policing is a police strategy for utilizing local partnerships and involving streetlocal officers in decision-making regarding community problems. In this regard, community
policing can improve police performance. For example, a community policing officer can help
the police target particular criminals without harming members of the public.
The criminal justice system is a critical stakeholder in police accountability (Obasogie &
Newman, 2017). so, in essence, Criminal justice ensures justice for those who break the law. The

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