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In American historiography, Marxist historians consider the Cold War an attempt by the U.S. to establish economic hegemony, while Revisionist historians blame individual personalities, namely Stalin and Truman. Might there be some other explanation for explaining the Cold War? Do you think the Cold War was inevitable? If so, what were the factors that made the Cold War conflict between the U.S. and the Soviet Union unavoidable?

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The Cold War



The Cold War refers to a period that was characterized by geopolitical tensions involving
America and the Soviet Union. It is clear that the Cold War was not only an attempt by the
United States with an aim to establish economic hegemony, but there are other explanations in
regard to it. For instance, the United States and its counterpart, the Soviet Union experienced
numerous difficulties with respect to their diplomatic relations. It also involved their countries’
allies in the Eastern as well as the Western Bloc. It commenced from the implementation of
America’s Truman Doctrine in 1945 up to the beginning of the 1990s when the Soviet Union
became subject to dissolution1. The limitation in the scale of battles between the two parties led
to the use of the word cold. In addition, a doctrine entitled the mutually assured destruction
prohibited the nations from engaging in preemptive attacks. More specifically, the conflict
focused on the ensuing ideological struggles in addition to the countries’ geopolitical ideals after
the 1945 conquest of Nazi Germany2. The circumstances underscored the development of
policies that aimed to ensure territorial expansion. However, the countries consistently opposed
each other's actions by withdrawing or offering support and the resources required by the regions
involved. As such, it became difficult for the America and the Soviet Union to work towards
similar objectives from 1945 to 19913. Thus, the Cold War could not have been avoided as a
result of circumstances such as the end of the World War II that led to the military alliances
being formed owing to the foreign policies advocated for by the America and the Soviet Union

Carol V. Rose, “The “new” law and development movement in the post–Cold War era: A Vietnam case
study." (In Law and Society in East Asia. Routledge, 2017), pp. 91-138

Jordan Henry, “We Europeans": Signal Magazine and Political Collaboration in German-occupied
Europe, 1940-1945," (PhD diss., The Ohio State University, 2017)

Jordan Henry, “We Europeans": Signal Magazine and Political Collaboration in German-occupied
Europe, 1940-1945," (PhD diss., The Ohio State University, 2017)


and political crisis including the war in Korea and Vietnam, Berlin’s blockade, Czechoslovakia’s
invasion which provided an impetus of aggravating the interactions between the two countries.
The other Explanation behind the Cold War

The end of World War II led to the Cold War
The Second World War culminated in the commencement of the Cold War. In 1945,

Japan became subject to atomic bombs ending World War II. Even so, it provided a basis for the
commencement ...

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