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Adlerian Life Style Assessment . It should include ruining head and it should be writing in APA Format

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The first file for Ms. Adimbola is what you will work on.

The second file is exactly how the assessment should be. Do the summary of the first file same way with the second fle.

It should include running head, APA format , Title page , Family constellation and the summary.

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1 BRAGG’S REVISED LIFE STYLE ASSESSMENT FORM NAME: _Ms. Abimbola ___________________________________________________ __________________________ DATE: The Life Style is designed to depict an individual’s perceptions and convictions of the self, others, the world, and how one will respond to the tasks of life. This data will reveal a consistent movement toward the goal of the individual, which becomes the case formulation of the counselor or psychologist. DIAGRAM OF THE FAMILY CONSTELLATION The diagram of the family constellation should include a representation of each person residing in the household during the client’s developmental years (from birth to age 7-8) and any other person whom the client describes as significant to him or her during the ages of 0-7 (i.e. grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, god-parents etc.). Use a large circle to represent persons who are female and large squares to denote males. Inside the shape, list the first name, age, and five words (chosen by the client) to describe each individual. An asterisk (*) should appear beside the client’s name. The client’s siblings should be listed beside the client in chronological order. Siblings who are older than the client should be placed to the clients left while siblings who are younger than the client should appear to the client’s right. Also include the number of years older or younger each sibling is from the client. Use a + symbol (to denote older than) and a – symbol (to denote younger than). For example, a sibling who is 2 years younger than the client would appear to the right of the client and a -2 should appear beside that sibling’s name. When constructing the diagram of the family constellation, the client is asked, “I’d like for you to tell me who lived in your home during the time that you were between the ages of 0-7/8and, were there any other significant persons in your life during that time; I’d also like for you to tell me five words to describe each person”. Allow the client to give you the order to which names are added to the diagram. Extend upward for grandparents from the appropriate parental figure. For example, paternal grandparents would appear on a line above the client’s father. Extend siblings by age (oldest) from left to right (youngest) on the line shown beneath the parents. FAMILY CONSTELLATION Draw the family constellation of this family. Family of five Father (Authoritarian, Hardworker) Mother ( Hard worker, Caring) Siblings of Abimbola Victor (VI), Omobola (OM), Adimbola (AD) 2 RATING OF SIBLINGS Using the initials of each sibling, rate the characteristic below from most to least. If the client is an only child, they should rate self in terms of Good, Average, or Bad. Intelligence – VI, OM, AD Good at schoolwork- V, AD Creative- VI Athletic- VI Pleasing VI, AD Cheerful – VI Sociable (outgoing)- VI, AD Sense of humor – VI Artistic- VI Critical of self- OM, AD Critical of others- VI, AD Sensitive/easily hurt- AD Neat – OM Materialistic- VI Responsible- OM, AD Self-Centered – VI Selfish – Helpful- OM, AD Polite – VI, AD Easy going- VI, AD Considerate ADVI Handsome- VI Pretty- OM Feminine- OM, AD Masculine-VI Bossy- OM Caring- VI, AD Got way with things- VI Mischievous – VI Charming-VI, AD Hard worker –OM, AD Friendly- VI, AD Competitive – OM Leader- OM Follower- AD Good listener- AD Spiteful- VI, AD Independent- OM, AD Excluded- VI Rebellious- OM, AD Mean- OM Poor Temper- OM Unhappy- OM Stubborn- OM Often Punished- VI, OM Shy – AD Rewarded- AD Kept you in check- VI Lonely – OM Loving – VI, AD Misunderstood- VI Bully- OM Unfriendly- OM Generous – VI, OM, AD Gifted- VI Strong- OM Clumsy- VI, OM, AD Excitement seeker- VI ADDITIONAL SIBLING DESCRIPTIONS 1. Which sibling is/ and was most different from you, and how? OM, she is completely different from me. She is not friendly; she is the first female child. 2. Which sibling is/was most like you, and how? VI, first child male. He is very friendly, loving and look out for me 3. Which played together? VI and AD 3 4. Which fought and argued? OM & AD. We fought often because she is bossy 5. Describe any childhood fears? AD, the fear of sleeping in my room by myself 6. Who took care of whom? VI & AD takes care of OM during her asthma’s crisis 7. What did you like/care about most as a child? Not being hungry of beaten 8. Who had an unusual achievement? Talent? VI sport and creative Art 9. What was your role in the peer group? Supportive and encourager 10. Who had a sickness (or surgery or accident)? OM, she is an asthmatic patient 11. What were the family's most import values? Obedience and respect 12. What grade school subjects did you like best? Government & Literature 13. What grade school subjects did you like least? Math 14. What was your community/neighborhood like? Good 15. Where did your family live (house or apartment)? House 16. How many people lived with you? 4 2 parents and 3 kids 17. Did you have your own room or did you share a room? If so, with whom did you share? I have a room to myself 18. Did you feel your parents/family had enough, more than enough or very little of what they needed (money, food, clothes, transportation)? Enough SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT DATA (How a person sees themselves) 1. How would you describe your health as a child? Good, expect when sick with malaria 2. Was that an advantage or disadvantage? How? I will say it an advantage because I was able to build the humunity needed in my body to fight germs 4. Describe your physical appearance as compared to you same aged peers (average size, bigger, smaller than others your age)? Smaller than my peers 5. Was that an advantage or disadvantage? How? Disadvantage because my peers thought we are not of the same age PRE-SCHOOL /ELEMENTARY SCHOOL INFORMATION 1. Were you a good student (grades)? Yes A-B 2. What subjects were you best at? Worst at? Best- Government and Literature Worst - Math 3. Describe your behavior at school? Good, well behaved student CHILDHOOD MEANINGS GIVEN TO LIFE Expectations, ideals, Meaningful Goals, Favorite Daydreams, Religious Convictions 1. What did you believe your parent(s) expected of you? Respectful, obedience and to make them proud 5 2. Did you help around the house? Yes, my sister I helped our mom with house chores 3. Were you helpful to in school? Yes, I helped my teacher in class and my friends with tutorials 4. What did you parents want to grow up to be? An independent woman, fearless & God fearing 5. Did you daydreams a lot? If so, what did you daydream about? Yes, of being successful in my academics and make my parents proud 6. What were your favorites (as a child and now as an adult)? WHAT WAS YOUR As a Child? What did you like about it? FAVORITE? I like that snow white over Story come the evil queen by Snow White being nice Hero Nelson Mandela He fought for freedom Song Don Moen Kunta kinte Empire show Freedom Fairy Tale Rapunzel God’s The song gives hope and encouragement TV The love of having a family that support you Cinderella Be kind to people even if they are not kind to you. The messiah Be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ I like that the story encourages one to follow their dreams in spite of any challenges they are facing The ten commandments To obey commandment What do you like about it? Martin Luther He fought for civil right King Junior God will make a way Zach Williams where there seems to be Chain Breaker God will make no way a way Movie Spiritual Story As an Adult? 6 Spiritual Character Spiritual Verse Palmer Joss He always act natural Psalm 23 God’ protection Shephed Book Courage Jeremiah 33 v 3 There is nothing God can not do 7. Describe any spiritual beliefs held as a child? As an adult? Psalm 23, as a child I believe God is with me everywhere I go, and I still believe that an adult 8. Describe any religious beliefs held as a child? As an adult? The believe in fasting and prayer as a child and as an adult CHILDHOOD GENDER AND SEXUAL INFORMATION (Describe physical development; include the source of the information, reaction to body changes, gender roles feelings about sexual activity). *Remind the client they have a choice as to whether or not to answer any question(s) at any point in time. Also, this information is strictly to be used to develop a therapeutic treatment plan, and will be kept confidential within the treatment team. 1. When did you first notice your body was changing and developing? When you were becoming man/woman? When I was in middle school 2. How old were you? 14 years old 3. If you are female, what age were you when you began your menstrual cycle? If you are a male, at what age did you began to grow facial hair? At what age did your voice began to change and at what age did you experience your first nocturnal emission? Age 15 4. Were you prepared for these changes? yes My mom already explained the stages to me 7 5. Who talked to you about becoming a woman/man? My mom 6. How did you feel about the changes that are/were happening with your body? Strange 7. Do you or have you ever considered yourself to be a “tomboy” or “girlie girl”? No 8. How do you feel about being a boy/girl? Normal 9. Did you ever want to be a boy? If so, why? No, I love to be a girl so I can do my hair and wear beautiful dresses 10. Did you ever want to be a girl? If so, why? Yes, because I have a lot of dolls to play with 11. How do you feel about boys/ girls, relationships? Strange because I attended only girls school for middle and high school 12. Are you currently in a relationship? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes, I am married 13. Who talked to you about sex and relationships? Who do you talk to now about sex and relationships? My mom. I talk my husband if anything is wrong 14. Have you ever had sexual relations? At what age? How did you feel about it? I had sexual relationship with my husband. Age 26 15. Have you ever had a negative sexual experience? If so, with who? No 16. What do you consider to be your sexual orientation? Sexual relationship with opposite sex 8 CHILDHOOD SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS (Friends, gangs, availability of peers, role in peer group, relationships with adults) 1. Who were your friends growing up and what did you like about them? Tolulope and Shade because thy were well behaved and smart 2. What was your role in your peer group (leader, follower, joker, etc.)? Leader & Joker 3. What adults were you closest too? How did you know them (From where?) My best friend big sister 4. Who do you consider to be your friends now? Who is your closest friend? My family and husband’ best friend wife 5. What are they like? (What characteristics describe them?) What do you like to do together? My family makes me happy. My husband’s best friend wife. We pray together 6. How do you know them? Through my husband 7. What role do you play in your group of friends? Are you a leader/follower/joker? Leader and Joker 8. What adults are you close to now? How do you know them? My pastor’s wife, through church 9 ADDITIONAL PARENTAL DESCRIPTIONS (List other significant adult parental figures) Name: _Abayomi Name: Olufunke Aina____________________ Aina____________________ Relationship: Relationship: _Father_______________ _Mother________________ Current Age: _67__________ Current Age: Passed___________ Age at Clients Birth: 27_____ Age at Clients Birth: 25_____ Occupation: Business Occupation: Civil ________________ Servant__________________ 1. Did you live with them? When? Yes, from childhood Yes, from childhood Education Education 3. What were ways to win his/her praise? Good Grades Good Grades 4. What made him/her angry? Poor grade & Disobedience Poor grades & Disobedience 5. What were their expectations of the children? Good Grades and Obedience Good Grades & Obedience OM OM 7.Relationship to children Excellent Excellent 8. Sibling most like him/her? In what ways? OM, because of her health status AD because she is the last born 9. Who was closest to him/her? OM AD 10. Who was the most distant? VI None 11. Confided in whom? OM AD 12. Any Other important information? None None 2. What was most important to him/her? 6. Who was his/her favorite? Why? 10 ADDICTION AND TRAUMA 1. Has there been any history of substance abuse or addiction (gambling, sex, etc.) in the family? Yes, Alcohol 2. If so, who, when, and what did they abuse? How do you feel about it? VI, he started when our mom passed, in 2004 and I felt sad about it 3. Has there been a history of physical, sexual, verbal and/or emotional abuse (include domestic violence) in your family? If so who and when? None 4. Have you ever experienced any form of abuse (physical sexual, and/or emotional)? If so, from who and when? None 5. Describe any significant injury or physical trauma (hit by a car, serious fall from a tree, hit in the head, etc.). I was sad for many years when my mom passed. MENTAL HEALTH 1. Is there a history of mental illness in your family? If so, who, and what type of mental health issues? No 2. Has anyone in your family ever been hospitalized for mental health reasons? No 11 3. Has anyone in your family ever received therapy or counseling? If so, when, where and for what? No 4. Have you been ever hospitalized or received therapy? No 5. Does anyone in your family currently take medications or attend counseling for a mental health issues? No 6. Do you currently have a counselor or a therapist? If so, who is your therapist and where do they work (or) what agency are they with? How long have you been seeing them? Do you feel like therapy has been beneficial/ helpful? No SIGNIFICANT LOSS OR CHANGES Ask client if he/she has ever experienced any significant loss or changes such as death of a family member or friend, a move, change of school, or loss of employment. Ask the client to describe when these changes were experienced (ages birth to 7 years or more recent; include clients age at the time the change/loss was experienced). Ask also how the family coped with the reported change or loss. I experienced a significant change in my life and my family. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies in school because my mom passed when I was a fresh man in school, but my advisor spoke with me about the situation and that really helped me. My brother became alcohol addict but eventually be was able to over come it with the support of his wife. NATURE OF PARENTS RELATIONSHIP Description, Division of Roles, Interpersonal Relationship, Conflicts/Agreements, Marriage--Happy or Unhappy (This is how child perceived the parents relationship with one another, and with the client) They have a happy marriage but occasional conflict 12 OTHER FAMILY INFORMATION 1. Describe the childhood (0-7) family climate, family values, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, spirituality? The family was mostly great, shared, bonded, helped each other, respected elders. Kept up with homework and house chores. 2. Describe your current family climate, values, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, spirituality Obedience, respectful, prayerful and independent 3. Describe any strengths and or challenges experienced by the client or the family system. No problem, everyone is doing great. We all have our families and my daddy visit US every year. ADDITIONAL PARENTAL FIGURES AND ADULT MODELS Who/Relationship _My Uncle_____________ Who/Relationship___Uncle’s Wife__________ I spent some of my holiday with my uncle when ever is around from US. He loves reading so his house is another school for me She is very nice and encourage me to be of good behavior. EARLY RECOLLECTIONS Examples of questions that may be used to probe for early recollections: • What is the first memory you can recall? • What did your first day of school look like? • What is your earliest memory of your family or your home when you were a small child? • What did you like to play with as a child? Ex: favorite toy, blanket? 13 • What is the first loss or change you can remember experiencing? EARLY RECOLLECTION #1 AGE __6___E.R.__I remembered that I was very jealous when my uncle had a baby thinking they will giv the baby all the attention. __________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ FOCUS/PICTURE: ________________________________________________________________________ FEELINGS: __jealous_______________________________WHY? __I thought they all will not care about me anymore. _____________________________________ MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ER? baby____________________________________________________ ___Trying to shower the _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ INTERPRETATION_______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ EARLY RECOLLECTION #2 AGE__8___E.R.___I remembred when my sister had a crisis. She was rushed to the ER and I was very sceared._________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ FOCUS/PICTURE: ________________________________________________________________________ 14 FEELINGS: __Fearful_______________________________WHY?__because I thought I was going to lose my sister_____________________________________ MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ER? ___When my sister couldn’t breath and we couldn’t find her inhaler on time.____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ INTERPRETATION_______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ EARLY RECOLLECTION #3 AGE_____E.R.____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ FOCUS/PICTURE: ________________________________________________________________________ FEELINGS: _________________________________WHY?_______________________________________ MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ER? _______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ INTERPRETATION______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________ ...
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Adlerian Lifestyle Assessment Report
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Hard-worker, Caring

Authoritarian, Hard-worker



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Lifestyle Assessment
Family Constellation
Abimbola is the last child of Abayomi Aina, the father, and Olufunke Aina, the mother.
Abimbola is the youngest of three children. Abimbola lived with both her parents and her
siblings under the same roof. Despite that she had an elder sister, Abimbola used to go along
together as they played together most of the time. Her sister, Omobola, was rather reclusive,
which could be attributed to her moody temperament. Nevertheless, Victor and Abimbola
took care of Omobola whenever she had an asthma attack. Apparently, this shows effects of a
strong family unit, whereby they look for each other and co-operatively took care of each
General Statement
Abimbola is the youngest in a family of three children. She grew up with both parents
during her developmental stage years as well as puberty. Nevertheless, her mother passed
away later on leaving her father. Abimbola was close to her mother and looked up to her
mother since her sister seemed to be independent as well as bossy, which would make them
clash into a fight. Abimbola portrays a sociable attitude, whereby she chose friends that were
well behaved and smart. The latter is expected since her parents primarily advocated for
respect and obedience as the main values under their parenthood. This is a belief she carries
on into adulthood as she becomes engaged with the church.
Abimbola was able to do well in her education as she used to get A’s and B’s
throughout pre-school and elementary school. Her parents also facilitated this as they
emphasized on performing well in school. In turn, her day dreams and goals while in school
are seen to encompass upholding the values taught by her parents as well as make her parents



proud. Abimbola is also seen to love teamwork, as she helped her sister and mother in doing
household chores. As a child, her parents shaped her ambition to encompass growing up to
become an independent, fearless and God-fearing woman. This means that her parents upheld
religion in their household.
Due to her closeness to family, Abimbola grows up to become a married and Godfearing woman. Furthermore, she has maintained her social interactions close to the family,
since her best friend is her husband’s best friend’s wife. She does not have any insecurity in
becoming a mother, which is portrayed by her excellent relationship to children.
Abimbola also grows to become mentally stable, which could be attributed to the good
upbringing background. Her mother plays an important role in allowing her to be open with
her as well as educate her on sexuality. Furthermore, Abimbola has never addicted to any
substance or experienced trauma, but her most stressful moment was when her mother passed
away while she was a freshman. Nevertheless, she received counsel on the matter, which had
affected even her studies, and successfully recovered from the matter.
Her goals are currently similar to those her parents wanted her to be, which involves
living a healthy life and being a good mother to her children so that they can grow to be of
good behavior and be successful in every area of the their life. Her current life statement and
perception of life involves a radiant and optimistic life. Generally, she is currently happy and
proud for how her life has turned out to be.
As hardworking parents, they were able to provide for the household’s basic needs,
which involved living under their own house as well as having enough food and clothes.
Furthermore, their parents emphasized on respect and obedience as well as education, which
shapes Abimbola’s peer group that is made up of well-behaved and smart friends.



Siblings Relationship
Her elder sister, Omobola, is very different from Abimbola since she is a loner,
unfriendly, mean, but also a hard worker. As the first female child, Omobola portrays the
qualities of a leader, although she may come out too bossy at times. Her bossy demeanor used
to lead to fighting between the two sisters. Despite her attitude, both Victor and Abimbola
used to take care of Omobola when she got an asthma attack since they believed in the power
of a united family.
Nevertheless, Abimbola is very close to her elder brother, Victor, whereby they are
both considered to be sociable, polite, agreeable, as well as considerate. Victor is also artistic
and is passionate about sports. Abimbola is also a good listener and a follower, which was
reflected by the role she played within her peer group that includes being supportive and an
encourager. Her sensitive and shy characteristics show why she is more inclined into
literature. According to Kwiatkowska, Rogoza & Poole (2019), individuals that depicted
shyness were more likely to be good at literature since engaging in literature helped them
express themselves clearly than in person.
Abimbola and her siblings spent their developmental years under the care of both
parents, which is a sign of family solidarity. This is apparent through Abimbola’s childhood
fear of sleeping in her room alone. Furthermore, she grew up in a house of five individuals;
where in all of them were family. The core values that their parents promoted included
respect and obedience, which are vital for social interaction among peer groups. Furthermore,
her parents are indeed hardworking individuals as they were able to cater for the households
basic needs.
Family Roles Played by Each Child



Abimbola is the youngest of her siblings. She was closest to their mother, whereas her
elder sister was closest to their father. Their father was nonetheless distant from Victor,
which is mainly due to the male ego. Additionally, both Abimbola and Omobola used to help
their mother with the household chores, which enabled them to become develop a sense of
responsibility even in their adult life. Despite that Omobola seemed to be a loner as well as
exhibited a moody temperance, Victor and Abimbola did not neglect her when she got an
asthma attack because they were the ones who took care of her at such moments.
Family Values
Abimbola’s family values comprise of respect, obedience, prayerful and
independence. These values are based on Abimbola’s family attribute of putting God first.
Both respect and obedience are broadly stated in the Christian Holy Bible, whereby they are
part of the Ten Commandments. A prayerful attribute is also a sign of humility, thus it
exhibits a God-fearing character that is a key factor in the Christian religion. On the other
hand, independence is a fundamental part of the democratic system of government in the
United States. According to Tsesis (2015), independence in the US constitution comprises of
aspects concerning self-governance and human dignity.
Abimbola repetitively asserts that her belief system and ambitions were aimed at
becoming a God-fearing woman and caring mother so that her children would be well
behaved and smart. Furthermore, she turned out to be a religious woman and happily married,
which reflects the value system that their parents had enacted in their house as she grew up.
Apparently, they grew up to live by their parents’ expectations since they were diligent and
seemed to give in so much so that Abimbola and her siblings could have a good life.
Ultimately, Abimbola currently lives a life without insecurities and she views her future as
well as vision through an optimistic lens.



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