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The Internet facilitates a wide range of criminal behavior. The websites that facilitate or promote these crimes fall into two categories: sites that deliberately facilitate crime, and sites that conduct legitimate business but are used by some for illegal purposes. Examples of the first category are sites where prostitutes advertise their services, and sites to teach you how to grow marijuana or make bombs. In the second category are legitimate businesses that can be misused, such as a site to help customers open an offshore bank account.

Search the Internet for an example of each category described above. Do not enter any site related to illegal pornography. Prepare a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word that addresses these points:

Part I:

  • Describe the deliberately-illegal site. What illegal activities are promoted by this site?
  • How open is this operation? How easy or difficult was it to locate this site?
  • What should be done about the site?
  • Which law enforcement agencies (in the United States or abroad) would have the responsibility of taking action against the owners of the site?

Part II:

  • Describe the legitimate site. What are its legitimate purposes?
  • What illegal activities are facilitated by this site? What type of criminal might be tempted to make use of this website?
  • Does it appear that the owners of the site are complicit in law-breaking? Has the website taken any steps to discourage or prevent being used for illegal purposes?


  • Discuss the different forms that Internet-based crime can take (fraud, provision of illicit goods, money laundering, etc.).
  • Examine the reasons why sites like those you examine are able to continue to operate. Why hasn’t law enforcement taken action? (Keep in mind the constitutional protections regarding free speech, as well as the laws of the location where the site is hosted).

In your report, be sure to apply the concepts and terminology from the course wherever possible.

Support your responses with examples.

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Running head: INTERNET CRIME

Internet Crimes
Student Name


Internet Crimes
The modern world is rapidly growing technologically. Different studies have established
the technological trends in the modern world and the advancement that happens in modern
society’s companies and also individuals. Sarre, Lau, and Chang (2018) outlined that as
technology is advancing in the modern world, crime rates in technology avenues also increase.
This is often referred to as cybercrimes. Jain and Shrivastava (2014) argued that it has become
common for most of the internet and technology users to encounter cybercrimes in their daily
operations. This is because cyber crimes have become common among people worldwide. In
addition to that, cybercrimes form a new business form for the criminals as they can earn from
this line of operations. On the other hand, studies have established the need for keeping forth
contingencies to mitigate cybercrime risks and damages to organizations. There is a variety of
typed of cybercrime. One of the common forms is the one that entails illegal accessing of
information for wrong purposes. In the modern world, some organizations operate on the internet
to offer illegal products and services. These acts are also considered internet crime.
Elite Market
Gusovsky (2015) outlines that people from all over the world buy and sell illegal
products online. With the advanced technology, it is made easy to transact with each other while
ensuring that the authorities get a rough time...

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