LBCC Modern American History Lives of the Poor During the Gilded Age Essay

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Pick FOUR terms to write about

(19 points each pair, maximum total: 76 out of 75 points)

Write 5-7 sentences about FOUR of the terms listed below. First, be sure to define each term. Always identify timeframe, key events, location, and key people whenever possible. Second, explain the significance of the pair to U.S. history, as discussed in course readings and/or videos. Third, pick an additional idea about the term to discuss so that your entry is 5-7 sentences long. (Some of the entries contain 2 related terms. Please define each term when possible and then discuss each of them. Please also briefly discuss how each of them are related to each other.)

Note: You will need to type your responses onto a word document or PDF file and upload it to the turnitin.com submission link in this module.

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Horizontal integration and vertical integration


The lives of the wealthy during the Gilded Age

The lives of the poor during the Gilded Age

The Suffrage Movement

African American Progressives

Settlement houses

U.S. imperialist activities in Hawaii

Jose Marti OR the Spanish American War (or War of 1898)

Philippine American War

Teller Amendment and Platt Amendment

Espionage Act and the Sedition Act

President Woodrow Wilson

Western Front and Trench Warfare

War Industries Board

Fourteen Points

Treaty of Versailles

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Modern American History Outline
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➢ The Lives of the Poor During the Gilded Age
➢ U.S. imperialist activities in Hawaii
➢ Philippine American War
➢ Teller Amendment and Platt Amendment


Modern American History
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The Lives of the Poor During the Gilded Age
The Gilded age depicts the period between 1865-1898, characterized by increased
industrialization, urban migration, and rapid economic growth. Industrialists such as Andrew
Carnegie (steel), J.P Morgan (Banking), and John Rockefeller accumulated immense wealth,
which helped them to dominate and control most of the vital economic sectors, new technologies,
and natural resources and receive government subsidies or purchase politicians (O'Donnell, 2015).
Poverty was a significant problem for the majority of the working class as the average annual
income for 11 million of the 12 million Americans was $380, meaning that the majority of the
Americans were living below the poverty line. Most of the poor Ame...

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