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A major problem in many organizations, including healthcare, is how to motivate employees. High turnover rates are costly for organizations. Also, high absenteeism, low morale, low productivity, cyber loafing are just some of the problems that have been associated with unmotivated employees.

Write a brief 6-7 typed pages position paper (excluding the cover sheet and resources/bibliography/note pages) on how to motivate employees in healthcare organizations. You will need to determine which theoretical framework on motivation you feel is most beneficial in healthcare organizations. You can look at more than one theory, but will need to elaborate on how they work together to motivate employees. Then, you will need to use a minimum of five peer reviewed journal articles to support your position. Your position paper should be well organized and provides a formal approach to substantiate your position. Also, you will need to cite research sources using APA formatting.

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Employee Motivation in the Health Care Industry
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Every successful organization must have learned to treat its employees in such a way that
they remain motivated all the time so as to maximize their productivity. Different scholars have
addressed employee motivation, and several theories and models have been formulated
discussing the same concept. In the health care industry, employee motivation is critical because
nurses and other caregivers have crucial roles to play. Thus, they are required to have exhibit
high levels of productivity and morale. In many cases, different health care organizations have a
significant problem when it comes to motivating their taskforces. They cannot identify the best
and most effective way of motivating employees. There is no doubt that when employees are not
motivated in the right direction, they leave the organization, and this leads to high employee
turnover. The employees also fail to report to their posts as expected, a situation that ends up
manifesting itself in the form of high absenteeism and low morale. Others neglect their duties
and indulge in unproductive activities such as cyberloafing and gossiping. Therefore, it is critical
for health care organizations’ management to understand different aspects of employee
motivation to ensure that their employees remain rejuvenated and energized to work and take
care of patients in an efficient manner (Lambrou, 2010). Currently, different health care
organizations are facing increasing expectations from patients and the entire society, and this
means that they require a task force that is focused and highly productive. However, it is
essential to note that not all employees are motivated by the same things because they are
motivated intrinsically or extrinsically. Hence, it is critical for the management and HRM
department to understand the needs of every employee and motivate them in the right manner
that will make them productive and focused on achieving the set goals and objectives.
In a health care organization, the environment is complex and demanding, and this means
that nurses and other employees face a lot of pressure, and they are expected to perform



efficiently and maintain a high level of competency and professionalism. Also, the stressful
nature of different occupations in the health care industry diminishes the level of motivation of
these employees, and this makes it important for the management to ensure that such stressors
are eliminated, and employees are highly motivated. In the health care industry, job performance
is one of the key aspects that are closely linked with the goals and objectives of an organization.
Job performance is also linked closely to employee motivation, and according to several theories
of motivation, motivated employees are highly productive, and their job performance is high
(Hee, 2016). ...

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