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RUNNING HEAD: INFORMATION GOVERNANCE BEST PRACTICES Best practices for IG that will be employed by Facebook Cambridge Analytica was reported to have used data from millions of Facebook users to influence the 2016 elections. Although Facebook declined these allegations, the need for information governance was highlighted through this scenario. Information governance influences companies to enforce policies and procedures that manage the risk of information ensuring that it complies with the eternal legal requirements and governance objectives. Following this scandal by Facebook in 2016, the company has made some proactive decisions that seek to improve the information handling of its users. As the new Chief Information Officer, these are the best information governance practices that would be adopted by Facebook to assist the company in meeting its information technology objectives. Conducting regular and comprehensive data audits Information governance involves the management of information in a company as well as adopting strategies that mitigate the risks that are associated with this information. Facebook deals with large volumes of information from its millions of users across the world. As the organization deals with large sets of data it is important to conduct a comprehensive data audit. A data audit involves assessing the data that goes through the company to determine how this data can fit a given purpose. The organization needs to profile all their data and determine the impact of poor quality data on the company’s profitability and performance. This will allow the company to filter through poor quality data and encourage good quality data only for use in the decision-making process of the company. Through an efficient data audit, the organization can be able to implement effective information governance and policies that will account for all this. INFORMATION GOVERNANCE BEST PRACTICES 2 Accountability will cater to; legacies, backup tapes, old technology and all the data archives of the company (Adams & Bennett, 2018). Update all information governance procedures in the company The information governance policies and procedures need to be up to date and in line with the current legal requirements. With the fast-changing technology environment, there is a need for regular reviews of the policy guidelines and requirements that are used by an organization. For example, the policies that are needed for user communication and emails need to be assessed regularly to ensure the protection of information that is exchanged by users. Policy violations by the users and the employees should have serious implications to discourage people from violating the set policies. The update of their policies will ensure that the organization remains compliant with the regulations that ensure data protection, disaster recovery, and financial accountability. Through ensuring this, Facebook can avoid disinformation during the 2020 elections as they will be in compliance with the federal laws and company IT governance policies. Staff awareness training The success of information governance strategies is ensured success is through the implementation of the employees. It is therefore important to ensure that the Facebook employees undergo proper training of the policies, guidelines, and procedures that should be implemented by the organization. Staff awareness training is a method of educating the employees on the IT governance policies and procedures to ensure that they are properly followed. This reduces the risk of misinformation thus further ensuring that the organization’s data has been protected. Training should be conducted regularly for all the employees where it is INFORMATION GOVERNANCE BEST PRACTICES 3 important to encourage the employees to implement these practices in their daily work routines. The motivation of the employees can be achieved through ensuring that the employees understand the “why” behind the various information governance policies and procedures that have been implemented by the organization thus meeting their objectives. Risks prioritization The organization should understand the risks that they are likely to face to ensure that they are adequately prepared for mitigation. The management should be able to understand their data and further understand the types of risks that they are likely to face including compliance risks, reputational risks, and regulatory risks. Facebook is a big company that was recently faced with a reputational risk through the Cambridge Analytica accusation by the New York Times. Facebook was accused of compromising its users’ data in the 2016 election thus influencing the results of the elections. Such risks should be analyzed when the company is conducting a data audit as well as defining the regulatory policies and guidelines that should be implemented by the organization. For example, if it emerges that the organization is facing an issue with the decentralization of data in some departments; measures should be implemented such as the creation of a data map that can link the employees with their most frequently accessed data. Other practices such as the use of defensible policy for deletion will ensure that there is a safe deletion of old backup data and tapes (Smallwood, 2019). Prioritization allows the organization to prepare for all the risks that they are likely to face thus making mitigations that will allow them to minimize the risks. Implementation of security measures INFORMATION GOVERNANCE BEST PRACTICES It is important to ensure that the information handled by the organization is maintained clean and controlled. The data should be regularly checked through the use of an effective and thorough IT team. This will avoid the entry of corrupt data that could compromise the integrity of the organization. There should also be controlled access through restrictions and the use of regular checkups to ensure that the employees are following the implemented policies and guidelines that have been implemented by the organization. The use of restrictions prevents unauthorized people from accessing sensitive information. This can be ensured through the use of encryption tools and other security measures such as passwords that protect the data. Regular security checks of the information system such as through maintenance of the firewall and security scans should also be conducted to prevent hacking of data from untrusted sources that can use the information to negatively impact the organization. The organization should ensure that there are severe consequences for the employees that are not following the compliance guidelines thus ensuring that the organization meets its IT objectives. 4 INFORMATION GOVERNANCE BEST PRACTICES 5 References Adams, M. A., & Bennett, S. (2018). Corporate governance in the digital economy: The critical importance of information governance. Governance Directions, 70(10), 631. Proença, D., Vieira, R., & Borbinha, J. (2016). A maturity model for information governance. In International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (pp. 15-26). Springer, Cham. Smallwood, R. F. (2019). Information Governance: Concepts, strategies, and best practices. John Wiley & Sons. ...
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