The Value of Bank Accounts and Products Moving to A New Country Discussion

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You are part of the foreign exchange desk at Barclays. You are approached by a multibillionaire that wants to move from the USA to Vietnam to set up his businesses and plans to retire in Hanoi. the billionaire has asked you to provide him with all the risks and advantage of moving his money to Vietnam. Most importantly the billionaire is concerned about the value of bank accounts and products moving to and from Vietnam. The billionaire has ask for a brief document on the these risk and advantages. Be to discuss the following: exchange rates of the two countries, the interest rates of the two countries, purchasing power, and other topics as it concerns the financial situation.

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In the given scenario, I am part of the team of a foreign exchange team at Barclays.
During the instance, a billionaire approaches me, and they are interested in moving their business
from the United States to Vietnam. The billionaire wants to set up companies in Vietnam and
plans to retire in Hanoi. He has requested information about the risks and pros of moving his
money into the country. Despite Vietnam having strange relations with the United States in the
past, the last two decades have seen a considerable increase in bilateral trade and tourism
between the two countries (Vietnam Global. 2020). The bilateral diplomatic relations are a huge
incentive for any businessman or woman who wants to relocate their resources into the country.
They are assured of impeccable connections and no presence of hostility when doing business in
a foreign country.
Vietnam has entered into several MOUs for cooperation with American companies that
set up their operations in the country. Such collaboration means that the billionaire would have
an easy time setting up a business in the country without any local interference from the local
authorities or governments. Since moving to the country will also involve the transfer of
currencies, the businessman could be exposed to s...

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