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This week we're working on introductions. You will read Mary Mebane’s “The Back of the Bus,” which begins on p. 157 in The Norton Sampler, and form some conclusions about the introduction of Mebane's essay. You will also write a paragraph describing your own experience in transportation and then respond to a peer’s posted paragraph on his/her paragraph.

Post 1: Answer both sections A & B in your initial post.

  1. After reading Mebane’s story “The Back of the Bus”:
  1. How do paragraphs 1 & 2 introduce the story?
  2. How does the author set historical context (cite specific example from the story).
  3. How does the author set emotional context? (cite specific example from the story).
  1. “Taking a Ride” In one paragraph (5 – 7 sentences) describe a ride you have taken on a bus, train, plane, boat, or other vehicle. Focus on the vehicle itself and the people who were there with you.

Post 2: Provide feedback to a classmate’s paragraph on “Taking a Ride”.

  1. Does it effectively describe the scene? Specifically, does the introduction provide a sense of place (where is the story set?)
  2. What is the one thing you found most engaging (strongest in the writing)?
  3. What is the one thing you would like to know more about or did not understand?

part 2

#1 Practice Paragraph

Read Melissa Unbankes's “The King and I” on pages 132- 137 of The Norton Sampler. In this short narrative, the author, Melissa Unbankes, describes her grandmother and tells how their relationship changed over time. After reading the story, write a paragraph about a friend or family member, considering the following:

  • What does the person do? Does the person have a job or career, or is his/her focus on taking care of family?
  • What is something the person is passionate about?
  • What is a place you associate with that person?
  • What is one annoying or unusual trait about that person?
  • What does that person mean to you?

Now, write the paragraph. Be sure you start with a topic sentence, which is a general statement that introduces the person to the audience.

#2 Practice paragraph

Choose one of the three photos below and write a paragraph that describes a significant moment in time or event that the photo may represent to the fictional person.


Follow this pattern to compose your paragraph:

1st sentence (topic sentence): A general statement about an important human trait.

  • Examples of topic sentences:
  • One of the remarkable characteristics of a baby is resilience.
  • Whenever sorrow comes, it comes at the wrong time.
  • Winning isn't everything, but it is still nice.

2nd sentence: a statement about the person in the photo

3rd sentence: a statement about the moment captured

4th sentence: a statement about what the person did

5th sentence: a resolving statement

6th sentence: revisit the opening (topic sentence) and repeat in different words (add more perspective)

Paragraph #3

Review your work from the Week One Narrative Essay Worksheet and write an introductory paragraph that is 5 -7 sentences long. In the first sentence, you want to grab the reader's attention. The last sentence should address the main idea of the story. You do not have to tell the whole story; just provide enough information so that the audience has a feeling of where the story is going.

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"The back of the bus" by Mary Mebane
Mary Mebane begins her first paragraph by building up the story. She doesn't go straight
into the action of the story. Mary describes the location in her city and tells us about her
environment. It allows us to imagine the position she is. In other words, it builds up our
imagination. She explains the transportation in her town. She explains why an individual would
choose to use a bus and not a car and vice versa. Mary Mebane also gives us a little history. She
tells us she was born in times of segregation in the United States. This history enables us to
imagine how transpo...

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