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You have just opened a healthcare center in a major American city. You have a handful of employees and your main business is to provide urgent-care medical services, pharmacy, patient education, and various kinds of therapy. How will you be competitive and provide services at a reasonable cost using technology and innovation?

1. How will you be competitive and provide services at a reasonable cost using technology and innovation?

2. How will you be able to sustain a competitive advantage using technology and innovation?

3. What measures would you take to initiate innovative strategies within your company?

4. Explain what type of innovations is available to you, including dominant design, and incorporate that into your strategy for initiating innovation strategy.

5. What type of technologies, innovations, etc. will enable you to become a first mover and describe how and when you will implement these strategies?

6. Describe your strategies for assessment of company performance by using Porter’s five-force model, stakeholder analysis, and other measures. What areas of competition do you need to be especially cognizant of in order to remain competitive and relevant in the healthcare provider industry?

APA format and at least 8 sources

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Healthcare facility case Study

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Healthcare facility case Study
Healthcare services rank among the most essential services in society since other aspects
of life can only proceed if the citizens are of good health (Kimble, & Massoud, 2017). This
situation has always made health professionals to set up new health centers to meet the high
demand for health services. However, patients only visit reputable health facilities where they
are guaranteed quality services. Consequently, this preference for quality service increases
competition among the service providers. This paper, therefore, discusses how I would use
technology and innovation to improve the quality of services, reduce the medical costs, among
other factors if I opened a healthcare facility in an American city.
How Technology and Innovation will Improve Quality Services and Lower Medical Costs
Lowering medical costs and providing the best quality of care is one of the surest ways of
ensuring a competitive advantage over rivals. Research on the American health sector has shown
that doctors typically spend only a third of their time attending to patients (Kimble, & Massoud,
2017). The rest of the time is usually spent on administrative tasks, which then makes the
administrative works to be the most costly in a healthcare setting. Therefore, reducing the
administrative costs will not only reduce the overall medical costs but increase the amount of
time that the doctors at my facility spend with the patients (Dzau et al., 2017). To achieve this,
the facility will automate all administrative tasks so that all services are digitalized. Specifically,
the use of Artificial Intelligence will help to reduce the time that the doctors spend entering data
manually into the Electronic ...


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