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Answer each question with atleast 250 words

Q 1: How have information systems affected laws for establishing accountability and quality of everyday life?

Q 2.: Should companies use the public cloud to run their mission critical systems? Why or why not?

Q 3: How customer relationship management system helps firms achieve customer intimacy?

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Response to question one
Various information systems have affected the laws of accountability and quality of life.
Through the use of the internet, the accountability is easy. It is easy to know the kind of person
who visited a given site and the kind of information that was extracted. This improves the quality
of life as people are accountable for the information that they view on the internet. High-speed
computers and advanced software and hardware have eased the search for information
(Ismagilova, Elvira, et al., 94). The high-speed computers have ensured that people spend
minimal time in searching for the information. When the time is saved, the quality of life is
improved among the people. Also, advanced software and hardware ensure that ensures that it
displays clear information about the people using the various information. This ensures that there
is accountability.
Computers can keep records of the various transactions that take place. The information
can be used in the future which makes people get an easy time in making decisions if they
require to refer to the previous information. Laws of accountability requires people to know the
information in the past. As such, information systems will affect this as it will provide the
information of the past....

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