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Critique/Report Guidelines

The expectation of this exercise is that the student observes a theatrical performance, analyzes what they have seen and then critically comments on the production. Include the name of the production, when and where you saw it and discuss any appropriate themes, BUT DO NOT RETELL THE STORY. Your instructor has seen the play and already knows what happens. Even if you are out of town, do not tell me the story. I have seen every play ever written because I am old and near death.

Identify by name and discuss the direction, movement and choreography(if applicable) of the production. Discuss the quality of the music and the voices of cast members, if you see a musical. Identify by name and discuss a few of the actors in the production. With a large cast, you are under no obligation to discuss everyone who appeared on stage but you should comment on the major characters. Talk about the design and mention designers by name. What did you think of the costume, lighting, scenic and sound design? If you feel that you are not very experienced in the matters of scenry and lighting and costumes, offer an opinion. A lack of knowledge has never ever stopped any other critic...

Your observations must support your commentary. Have a point of view; state your mind and SUPPORT THIS WITH EXAMPLES FROM THE PRODUCTION. Do not leave your commentary unsupported and remember, it is OK to not like what you saw but it is unacceptable to have no examples of what you did not like. Avoid using colloquial expressions and you had better have an excellent, undeniable, unquestionable reason for any use of profanity. This is a college class and you are expected to write like a college student.

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Critique of “All My Sons” Play



Arthur Miller, the author of the play “All My Sons," is a perfect writer who scripts the
play in a modern classic manner. The play encompasses themes that are relevant to both
individuals and society at large. Arthur Miller plotted the play in a brilliant manner in such a way
that the train of events seen in the play has an outcome of only one possibility. In the play,
Keller’s family portrays two major symbols that are core to the American society; business and
family (Miller, 2015). While Joe Keller is a successful businessman, his family is in chaos as he
harbors a guilty secret, and one of his sons Larry has been missing for the past three years.
Larry's mother, Kate, firmly believes that her son will one day come back home and refutes any
idea from her family that her son could be dead. However, Larry's brother, Chris, intends to
marry Larry's ex-girlfriend, Ann. The expected turn out of events is that, if Chis does so, then
Kate has to admit that her son Larry is actually dead. This means that the relationship between
Kate and her husband would be at risk. This paper gives a critique of the play “All My Sons”
with a focus on production, characters, movement, and choreography. In addition, it gives an
insight into the costume design, lighting as well as scenic and sound design.
Production and Direction
Having watched the play “All My Sons” directed by Howard Davies at the Apollo
Theatre, I feel that this is an experience not to ...

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