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How is HR planning performed in your organisation, or an organisation with which you are familiar? Do you consider the approach to include a strategic approach to the planning for valued and valuable assets of the organisation? Also give feedback to the word document


Current management thinking promotes the need for, and importance of, the HR function contributing to and supporting organisation effectiveness and strategy. Examine and describe the relationships between organisational strategy and HRM strategy. 20 marks. Can you please write this paper to the marks.

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RESONSE ONE When it comes to the assets that an organization has and their value, it is important to note that the most important asset any organization can possess is its human resource which is of course its employees. The skill, knowledge and expertise as well as the interaction that these employees have with the company’s customer base can be the determining factor in an organization’s success or failure. Because of the key role that employees play in a company’s success, I believe that it is imperative that human resource planning and the activities associated with it are included in whatever the organization’s strategy is. Typically, HR planning is the process where an organization (and its human resource department) takes a look at its current employee base, predicts what its future needs may be, identifies any areas where it may be lacking particular skills and knowledge and then determines a plan to eliminate those gaps. The purpose of human resource planning is to ensure that you have the right people to do the right job at the right time. At iGovTT, I believe that the HR planning process contained the steps that I highlighted above. The first thing that the company would do would be to evaluate the current state of its workforce. This means that the company would look at how many people were employed, what their skills and qualifications are, how they did on previous performance appraisals etc. After doing this, the organization would then look at what the future needs in terms of human resources would be for iGovTT. iGovTT’s strategic objectives and goals plays a huge role in this part of the process because the human resources’ needs in terms of how many skilled employees are needed in the organization would be based on what the organization is planning to accomplish in the next few years. iGovTT’s HR department assesses both external factors (such as the market that the company operates in, any technological advances etc.) as well as internal factors (such as how many employees may be leaving the organization due to end of contract, retirement, other career opportunities etc.) After gathering that information, iGovTT was now able to identify any detrimental areas where they believed that they would be lacking in. After figuring out these gaps, the HR team would now be able to determine if these gaps could be filled by possibly training existing staff or if new employees would need to be hired altogether. All of these activities undertaken by the iGovTT HR team are aligned to the organization’s strategy and its plans for the future. I believe that the approach taken by iGovTT includes a strategic approach when it comes to the most valuable assets in the organization. I think that the company understands that without its employees, the organization cannot be successful and as such, takes the time to strategize on how to capitalize on its human resources. Their approach in terms of first analyzing the current employees and what they have to offer then looking at what the future of the company is helps them to identify any areas that the company needs to strengthen in order to remain competitive seems to be a good one. This is means that the organization is taking the time to properly assess its situation before deciding on if to spend time and money to recruit and train new people or it is a better idea to invest in its current employees .I believe that by investing in currently employees and training them bodes well for both the employees and the organization; the employee will feel motivated to work harder because they feel as if the organization cares about their career development and the organization benefits because motivated employees are good for business. I think that by also identifying and keeping track of employees who would be leaving the organization for one reason or another helps the company stay on top of its employee base and plan on how to make sure that the gaps left by these people are filled in a timely manner so as to ensure business continuity. RESPONSE TWO At CarSearch as stated before the HR department is very small and as highlighted by Ms. Pierre in unit two discussion the HR functions are merged with the finance and administration departments and this is exactly the approach to HRM at this organization as there is one large departments that covers HR, Accounting and Admin. This makes the focus on actual HR very low which can show the attention HR is given at this organization. To be frank and honest from my experiences HR isn’t given any attention apart from attendance, so there is little to no planning on the HR front performed as the organization is reactive instead of being proactive. This approach would not be considered a strategic approach because one aspect of SHRM is to be proactive as it is necessary for organizations to stay ahead. As stated before because of the organizational structure not enough attention is focused on HR aspect, there is no planning of when their will be an intake of employees as persons are hired anytime. There is no planning of organizational activities to foster improved employee morale. At TCM the HR department is also small but their approach as highlighted in previous forums their approach is a bit more strategic. There is one HR officer but that individual isn’t tasked with all HR functions as departmental managers along with the help of supervisors are responsible for HR related issues such as hiring, attendance, disciplinary actions etc. From my knowledge this approach has been planned out more than at CarSearch as the HR officer is free to focus on other matters which may be more “important” or can have a bigger impact on the organization. This approach does indeed include a strategic approach because as stated before the HR officer is able to focus on more significant matters so company activities which are used to foster a “family like” unit, increase morale and as stated by company officials the reasons such programs and activity are created is to increase the familiarity within the organization among fellow employees which will then increase efficiency and productive as persons work better when there’s a level of comfort among work colleagues. From my opinion I think both organizations need to take a look at their HR processes and planning as both have weak and strong points on how they go about their procedures. Covering up these weaker points will ensure that both of these organizations take a step forward in being far more profitable and develop a competitive advantage over their competitors. TCM's approach is a bit more strategic than that of CarSearch but can still still has a very long way to go and be improved a lot more as from my experiences both organisations at times operates as the human resource of the organization can easily be replaced by new persons. So it can be said that their approach to the most valuable assets to the organization is in fact not strategic. ...
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FedEx Corporation; commonly known as “Federal Express” is one company that I have to
know of over some time now may be due to its effortless activity of ensuring that delivery services
have been made easy for everyone all over the globe. This is a company that is situated in
Memphis, United States and it is in the courier industry delivering services such as express mail,
third-party logistics, freight forwarding, as well as post-delivery.
This company has the belief that its overall success lies in the fact that employees always
perform with efficiency. All in its operations, the company came to realize that when employees
are treated well, they tend to become top producers in the market's place as well as in the operation
of the corporation's activities. This sought of human resource planning has led to the vast growth
of FedEx Corporation. The company has an HR-based philosophy called "People-Service-Profit".
This depicts that employees are always at the forefront and that their welfare is well looked upon
to ensure that they can offer services to their clients as intended which would, in turn, translate
into higher profitability for the company (Companies with HR Best Practices, 2020).
FedEx Corporation has a plan of tracking its employees on an annual basis. This plan is
called Survey-Feedback-Action which seeks to determine the level of satisfaction as well as
motivation that the employees in the company have. The S-F-A program also has some
accompanying measures that ensure appropriate actions are taken whenever employed feel that
their needs are not being considered. After the survey results have been collected, the committee,
together with the employees and management come together to discuss the results and then going
ahead to solve the problems that arise for smooth operation.



Because FedEx Corporation has made greater steps in the...

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