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You will be asked to go online to Youtube.com, to watch the documentary from the documentary series The Century: America’s Time. After watching the documentary, I ask that you provide two1250-1500 wordtyped essay formatted appropriately that answers the question assigned.

The episode is

“The Century: America's Time - 1920-1929: Boom toBust

the episode can be found in a single playlist for the series posted at this link:


The question you are to answer is: What is the central argument presented in the documentary you watched and what type of material, examples, anecdotes, and ideas were used to support that interpretation of the topic covered?

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American history
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American history

The American nation is known for its rich history dated back from the time of the
slave trade, agrarian revolution, world wars, the cold war and the time of Abraham Lincoln
during the American civil war. America is majorly made up of immigrants from various
European origin and the African origin, which divided it into two major fronts the
southerners and the northerners who were whites and black American's respectively (Bubel et
al., 2018). America's participation in world war one was instead a spectator involvement.
Still, in world war two, the American striking Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan made a
historical impact that could see an end to the world war. There is much to talk about in terms
of American history. Still, the focus of this essay is to the central argument presented in the
documentary 'the century: America's time' and to discover the material, anecdotes, examples
and ideas used in the interpretation.
America's documentary is a film series produced by and aired by ABC News; it talks
about the 20th century and the origin of the United States as a superpower nation. This
documentary was being first aired on the History Channel in the year 1999. The series has
several episodes that explain the rise of America as a superpower dating back to the period of
World War 2 (Shi et al. 2016). Before the world war, the Americans were busy developing
their nation through agriculture and industrialization, which made them stabled in terms of
economic strength. They later participated in world war after japan striking two of their ports.
They could then reply by bombing two of valued Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
thus bring an end to world war2 and making America a superpower nation.
The first episode of the documentary outlines the experience in the 1900s, a period
where William McKinley was the president of America....

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