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Organizational Strategies for Nurturing Creativity and Innovation Paper

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3 Pages – Arial 11 – 1.5 Spacing 1 inch margins PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY

Written Paper to Discuss -

1.Innovation Value Chain factors in identifying and developing innovations with commercial potential - ONE PAGE

2.Organizational Structure, culture, practices, and policies nurturing and/or hindering innovation development through creative thinking and effective problem-solving - ONE PAGE

3.Roles of Champions in organizations focused on innovative product development - ONE PAGE

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Organizational Strategies
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Organizational Strategies for Nurturing creativity and Innovation
Innovation value chain factors in identifying and developing innovations with
commercial potential
Management, which is committed to innovation in an organization, is the primary
factor and essential factor towards the change of an idea or a project to an organization.
For the success of innovation, the management is supposed to be healthy and be very
committed toward the working of the changes. The administration must understand the
surrounding of commercial potential, knowing its problems and threats that make it not to
achieve its goals and objectives. The commitment it all the managers from the top and
all the members of an organization for the success of an innovation.
Another factor is the strategic orientation; for the success of innovations, it must
have strategic plans that will help it to achieve its goals and objectives. If an innovation
activity lacks strategic orientation, it may lack goals and objectives, and it may lead to not
being successful (Moingeon & Edmondson, 2016). It must have the strategy for future
purposes, the trends, the current opportunities, the challenges, and even the risks for it
to prepare well. It is also required to have clear responsibilities, and this is also a...

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