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Ph.D. candidates should provide authentic personal statements to each of the five following questions/prompts reflecting on their own personal interests. In the event that any outside resources are used, resources should be cited in APA format. Submissions should be a maximum of 500 words or 125 words per question/prompt. It is best to respond to each prompt/question individually for clarity of the reviewer. Documents should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

1.How does your current vocation relate to your application to the doctoral program?

2. How will your experiences and personal skills help you to be successful in your program?

3. What long-term goals do you have for applying your learning from your doctoral program?

I work as a quality engineer for a medical device manufacturing company with 3 years of experience, i have applied for PH.D course at a good university, i would like you to help me write a letter by answer all the three questions In APA format.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Personal Statement

As a quality engineer for a medical device manufacturing company with an experience of
three years, I believe my current vocation relates to my application to the doctoral program. That
is because of the familiarity with running my department, which is a part of the program, meaning
I will not struggle wit...

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Just what I needed…Fantastic!

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