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In Module 3, Professor Streeter outlined several ways in which entrepreneurial women can improve their readiness for negotiation. In part 3 of the course project, you will apply these strategies to prepare for a specific upcoming negotiation or a specific negotiation you’re likely to have in the future.

You must complete this part of the project to receive credit.


  1. Choose a specific scenario in your life where you need to negotiate for your business or yourself as a founder. It could be anything from negotiating with investors to convincing a store to stock your product.
  2. Answer the following questions to improve your readiness for this negotiation. Especially consider negotiation tactics you may want to employ.
    Note: If you have already used the Negotiation Preparation Worksheet tool earlier in this module to prepare for a specific negotiation, you can refer to the same negotiation here or you can choose a different situation.

Answer the following questions, using as much space as you need.

1.Identify your interest and the perceived interest of the other party (the “why” behind what you’re looking for).

Your interest:

The other party’s perceived interest:

2.Come up with at least two different options that would satisfy your interests.

Option 1:

Option 2:

3.How is value measured in this situation (e.g., money, website hits, number of customers) for you and the other party?

How I measure value:

How I think the other party measures value:

4.What’s your alternative if this negotiation fails?

5.Identify at least two internal or external obstacles you’re likely to face, and choose negotiation tactics you can use to overcome them.

Some tactics include: Reframe the negotiation for the broader good, do your homework, employ your empathy, politely persist with questions, slow down, look for circuit breakers when triggered

Obstacle 1:

Internal or external?

Tactics to employ:

Obstacle 2:

Internal or external?

Tactics to employ:

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Final Answer

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Readiness for Negotiation
Student's Name
Institution Affiliation
Perceived Interests
Options for Satisfying Interests
Measuring Value
Alternative if Negotiation Fails
Tactics to employ
Internal obstacle:


Readiness for Negotiation
Student's Name
Institution Affiliation




Barbra and Calvin Wigs and Hair Extension entered into negotiation with Bubble Retailer
Store to convince the store to stock the business's hair extension products. The Bubble Retailer
Store is big enough, and it attracts several middle-income customers looking for high-quality
products. Acceptance of Barbra and Calvin's products in the store will give it access to a large
customer base with high disposable income.
Perceived Interests
Increase my sales and margin- regularity of orders and profitability is the main interest of
Barbra and Calvin's Hair Extensi...

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