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MGT 421 King Abdulaziz University Communication Management Questions

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Learning outcomes:

  • Identify sentence and paragraph level language needed to convey a business voice in management writing (Lo 1.3)
  • Apply techniques to lead and participate in collaborative and individual management writing. (Lo 2.3)
  • Describe appropriate writing format for business letters using in-house communication principles. (Lo 4.5)
  • how career writing can improve skills for career Search, Resumes and Follow Ups Communication. (Lo 4.4).

Assignment Question(s):(Marks 5)

This assignment is a continuation to assignment 1:

Q1. After celebrating 25th school foundation day, write a newsletter to publish a success story of the event in the Local Newspaper and Television News Channel.

  • Your draft of success story of the event is brief covering all aspects of the event. (200-300 words).
  • To complete this task, you can rely on your earlier submission and add additional imaginative activities and description of the event. This is a hypothetical scenario to allow to you practice business communication.
  • Our university successfully hosted these types of events, you may get some idea from the university website.
  • You may generate requirements for each position by yourself, at least you have to include at least five requirements expected from your applicants for each position
  • Similar to part A, you need to create an announcement to be published in websites. These will most likely be shorter and to the point.

Q2. Your school need additional teaching & non-teaching staff for a new upcoming academic year:

  • You have to Prepare a short advertisement for required positions to published in Local News Paper approx. 250 words
  • Draft an Advertisement for required post, Publishing in JOB Hunting website. 150 words

Instructions :

WORD format only

  • All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).

Unformatted Attachment Preview

Running head: COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT College of Administrative and Financial Sciences Assignment 1 Deadline: 07/03/2020 @ 23:59 Course Name: Communication Management Student’s Name: Salman Alrimi Course Code: MGT 421 Student’s ID Number:160051366 Semester: IIND/ Spring 2019-2020 CRN:21095 Academic Year: 1440/1441 H For Instructor’s Use only Instructor’s Name: Students’ Grade: XX/05.00 Level of Marks: High/Middle/Low 1 COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT 2 Our guest speaker “Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh” Minister of Education, Honorable members of parliament present, our great teachers, parents, students, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. I feel honored today to stand before such a large gathering as I welcome you to this great day of the 25th foundation day event of advanced Step International School. I would also wish to take this opportunity to recognize our quest speaker “Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh” for the honor you have shown today in sharing with us your precious time amidst your tight plan. Ladies and gentlemen, the 25 years journey have not just been a walk in the park but it has been a great time of experience tracing back to the time that we were starting this school. We started small with few facilities and students but due to our commitment to excellence and the support that each and every one has shown, we are at a point where we are being recognized as the best institution in Riyadh. This is a great vision from our founder Dr. Hussein which started with a spark but now we are blazing. This school was started to provide accessible education to the children in this community to prepare them for the life out in the world who would later transform our societies. So far, the school has made great steps in terms of development because we started in just an acre of land but today it has extended up to 20 acreages of land. Thanks to our sponsors, government and every one hand for support. In terms of structures, the school has the best classes in the region fit for international competition. We have not been left behind in terms of technological advancement since we have set up a full packaged computer center where our students go for research. Early this year, we also started on an online teaching program for the senior students during preps whereby they are uploaded some notes to study. This has seen our Page | 2 COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT 3 performance extemporarily rise with a significant percentage, breaking records that had been set by other schools. Ladies and gentlemen, we aim at setting an environment where our students can be able to realize their future goals and make them responsible citizens. Tour teaching fraternity is composed of highly trained teachers who have mastery of the course content and they can improvise various ways to ensure that the students get the application. As an appreciation for where we have come from, early in 2015, we started on a charity program aiming at uplifting the needy in society especially children and offering free education to them. As have seen they appreciated us with the creative skit they just presented to us. I know to take this great to ask you to join me in welcoming our guest speaker, Minister of Education Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh to come to the podium and address us on this foundation day. Welcome, sir. Page | 3 COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT 4 Concluding the Event by Giving A Vote of Thanks To All: Ladies and gentlemen, I now take this opportunity to make the final remarks. First, the whole event has just been wonderful as I can tell from the look of your bright faces. I thank all our performers for the great pieces of art they presented to us and it is a great show of the many talents that we have. You have made this event colorful. I also thank all the parents for taking their time to be here. For our teachers, it is you whom we are celebrating for the great steps you have taken this school. For our guest speaker and Minister of Education, we lack words to express our gratitude for your time and support this day and before. We thank you. I was talking to our guest and I can say he is impressed by the great steps we are taking. Having said that, I believe we have a great milestone to go and I want to promise that we are aiming great heights. Once again, thank you everyone and we hope to see you again next year for such and many more as we make a good tomorrow for our children. Thank you all and have a great time ahead. Page | 4 ...
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Final Answer

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Communication Management
Saudi Electronic University




Question 1. Newsletter

25th School Foundation Day


nnually, on 8th October we celebrate
our school foundation day in
commemoration of the very date

when our institution was established to render
blended learning not only to graduate but also
undergraduate students in Saudi Arabia
notwithstanding those across the world.
What Stood Out
In consideration that we accommodate
both part-time and full-time students in the
university, it was optional to attend this event but
to our surprise we had an 85% turn-up which is
larger than our previous years. What we did
different this year was, we also invited our nonteaching staff the ceremony and further ushered
some of our loyal and hardworking personnel
certificates of loyalty considering their huge
contribution in enabling a conducive environment
for both learners and tutors.

Talented & Skilled
It was outstanding watching students perform
theater-like plays, poems and dances that not only
were entertaining but also pr...

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