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Three separate documents are required for this assignment:


(1) 300 word Executive Overview

(2) Individual Presentation (in PowerPoint format)

(3) Speaker's notes in APA format with citations and references

Individual Presentation in PowerPoint format

  • Minimum Slides = 25 (Include title page, references, and slides that address each of the required areas)
  • Minimum References = 5
  • APA Formatting


Summarize the generic components of an analytics plan that includes (a) discovery/business problem framed, (b) initial hypotheses, (c) data and scope, (d) model planning and analytic technique, (e) result and key findings, and (e) business impact


Create a proposed approach to an analytics plan specific to the given scenario.

  • Include each area of an analytics plan but make it specific to the given scenario
  • Include a proposed analytical method (and reasons for your choice)
  • Enhance your work with a visualization


  • You do not have to provide actual analytics (just a proposed analytical approach)
  • You do not have to provide a solution (just a proposed analytical approach to finding a solution)
  • Where specific information is missing from the scenario, improvise and list an assumption

Project Summary:

Yore Blends (YB) is a fictional online company dedicated to selling subscription-based traditional spice blends coupled with additional complementary products such as gifts, kitchen utensils, and eco-friendly storage options.

In the long term, they aspire to growing through mergers and acquisitions which requires a strong customer base and steady revenue. In the short turn, they are concerned about customer churn (the percentage of customers that have stopped buying their products and services).

Issue: Customers seem to stop ordering products and/or using the service after several months.

Business Believes: By targeting customers who are at risk for churn customer attrition can be reduced by 16%

Data scope: Customer account data for previous 24 months

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Explanation & Answer

Hello, this is the executive overview. Please check and recommend. I am working on the PPT and the speakers notes as soon as possible.


Yore Blends Business Plan Analytics Overview
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Executive Overview
Yore Blends, a fictional online company that deals in selling traditional spices and blends
them with complimentary services and requires to expand its market through mergers and
acquisitions. The expansion process requires adequate preparation and a good customer base so
that it can prosper. The main challenge is the issue of the churning of the customers and
reduction in the subscription. The business plan is to reduce the rate of churning by 16% through
analytical techniques and approaches that convince the customers and help in eliminating the
rates of unsubscribing that are dangerous for the business.
The initial hypotheses for the business are that there are some customers who are at risk
of churning, and the same may result in altered business trends and challenges in normal
operations as required. There is a need to focus on implementation techniques and ensure that the
customers are retained. The stability of the business is discussed in the analytics plan as a
significant technique to keep the business going and enhance the profit margin as recommended.
The business analytics plan of increasing stability targets revenue increment and reduction of
churning rates. Another hypothesis is that with the prevention of churning rates of the customers
at risk of attrition, there is a16% surety that the customers would be retained in the business and
continue with the services they are offered by the company.
The model planning to be used by the company in the business is a real-time strategic
planning model whereby the customers and their updates will be given to the company and
analytical data generated for the success of the business to be realized. Following the
implementation of the business model, there is a likelihood of reducing the churning rate and
promoting the business merger and acquisition to prosper. The impact of the plan and technique
in the business is that there is an expected increase in the business strategy and approach for the



elimination of challenges and promotion of a strategic approach improvement of services as well.
The analytics plan is aimed at reducing the problems of churning and promoting customer
stability at Yore Blends Company.


Institutional Affiliation

❑Yore Blends is a fictional online company dealing with spices.
❑The services are subscription-based depending on trends.
❑The Company is focused on quality deliveries.
❑There are additional offers such as complementary products.
❑Yore Blends offers gifts, utensils and eco-friendly options.
❑The company motivates its customers and encourages subscription.

Plans of the Company
❑Increasing customer subscription to the company.
❑Promoting good sales by the company.
❑Changing the business strategy to merger and acquisition.
❑Increasing stability of the company.
❑Good revenue to be generated by the company.
❑Enhance a global adventure with a good statistical numbers in the

Discovery/Framing of the Business Problem
❑Yore Blends as a company has a great challenge.
❑The crisis is the increased churning rate for the customers (Shah,
Gochtovtt & Baldini, 2019).
❑The customer subscription has reduced.
❑There are challenges in the business and negatively impacts it.
❑The subscribers are seemingly going down.
❑The business goals are reducing and obscured.

❑In the past two years (24) there is a trending reduce in the customers.
❑The attrition has resulted in low income.
❑Yore Blends need to increase its sales and customers.
❑Most of the customers have shown a reduced interest regarding
ordering the products.
❑Irrespective of the promotion, the customers still flop in numbers.
❑The significant challenge is how to reduce attrition rate by 16%.

Initial Hypotheses
a. There is a reduction in the subscription of customers
❑The customers are believed to reduce in numbers.
❑Implemented approaches and techniques in business does not lead to
customer retention.
❑There are challenges in business strategy and success.
❑With reduced ordering, the customers are believed to have flopped.

b. Most Customers are at a risk of churning
❑Being that there are a number of business issues, churning is possible.
❑Business subscription is at its lowest.
❑There is a belief that the business is going down.
❑Yore Blends has recorded a decrease in subscription.
❑The risk of churning is increasing with the reduced sales and online
❑The preferences of the customers have changed significantly.

c. Churning rate can be prevented by 16%
❑Customer attrition is an imminent threat to the business.
❑The company can intervene by reducing the churning rate.
❑The customers at the brink of attrition can be convinced.
❑A good analytics approach and intervention can prevent the business
from the risk.
❑The hypotheses targets the competence of the team.
❑The company can succeed in reduction of challenges as necessary.

Data and Scope
i. Increasing the Customer numbers
❑Based on the needed interventions, Yore Blends needs customers.
❑Customer retention is the best strategy.
❑The target is the challenges that the company is most likely to face.
❑Effective measures are to reduce the customer fallouts.
❑As an essential data, the numbers is a good aspect of the analytical

b. Attrition data
❑The customers need to be convinced to stay in the business.
❑With an emphasis on the promotional techniques, the data is useful
(Shah, Gochtovtt & Baldini, 2019).
❑The analytical techniques and approaches focus on reduction of
❑Elimination of challenges require that better measures are
❑A good policy is necessary in reduction of adversities.
❑The attrition rate should be reduced by 16%

❑Attrition reduces the number of online orders made.
❑The challenges that follow the same is failure of business plans.
❑The attrition has reduced the business competence and required
❑The success is thwarted.
❑the rate and likelihood of customers leaving the company is a required

c. Revenue Data
❑The company needs to adventure into mergers and acquisitions.
❑Growth is possible through comprehensive measures. (Shah,
Gochtovtt & Baldini, 2019)
❑Effective techniques are required for stabilizing the revenue.
❑A collection of revenue data is helpful in the project.
❑Proposing a good strategy is needed for a successful strategy.
❑Needed interventions are necessary for betterment of the services.

❑For a good analytic approach, the scope is for 24 months.

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