United States Crime Control Model in Death Penalties Analysis

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Analysis Assignment

You will analyze whether the United States is following the crime control or the due process orientations for a given topic (DEATH PENALTY). This may require outside additional research. You will write a paper detailing your research and analysis of the topic.

Things to note:

1) Grammar matters. You can lose up to 5 points for bad grammar.

2) If you state a fact in your paper, cite it following the allowable formats.

3) You do not need to write an abstract or anything like that. All you need is the paper

itself, and any reference list. (Hint: if you don’t have a reference page, you’re likely

doing something wrong.)

Your analysis should be at least 3-4 full pages of writing, typed, double spaced with 12 pt. font

and 1” margins.

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Final Answer


Death Penalty - Outline

The crime control model


Due process model


Evaluating the best model



Running head: DEATH PENALTY


Death Penalty


Death Penalty

Herbert Packer while at Stanford University came up with two models identified as due
process and crime control models. He came up with the models to show the two rival value
systems in use inside the criminal system (Steiker & Steiker, 2019). The conflict between which
model should be used in the death penalty is evident in many countries. The tensions emerge
since some people base their arguments on the features of crime control model while others on
due process model. According to Ides (2019), individuals base their arguments on the crime
control model since they ponder that the function of justice ought to vindicate the right of the
victim instead of protecting the right of the defendant. On the contrary, other people support the
due process model since they believe that the justice system ought to focus on the rights of the
defendants rather than the victims' rights. The base of this paper is to evaluate if the United
States uses the due process or crime control model in death penalties.
The Crime Control Model
Criminal justice is complex, particularly when punishing offenders who have committed
serious crimes. Society members anticipate that their criminal system should be well-organized
and quick at protecting rights and delivering fair justice. There are many assertions regarding the
crime control model especially when it is used in death punishment. The first assertion is that
repression of criminal activity ought to be the most vital role of criminal justice (Ames...

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