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This is a second quarter writing for my conflict and negotiations class. Each quarterly writing should directly respond to its prompt. Each quarterly writing needs to be typed, single-spaced, free of spelling and grammar errors, and should use Times New Roman 12 pin font and standard margins. Each quarterly writing should be FOUR robust paragraphs** in length (see What constitutes a robust paragraph).

Use the APA format to cite in-the-text-of-your-paper all outside source material, including the textbook and supplemental readings. Include a proper works cited page (it can appear beneath your writing on the same page).

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The prompt for the Second Quarter Writing: What is synchronicity? How can synchronicity be a positive as well as perhaps a negative phenomenon for a relationship? Why are crossroads moments vital for long-term close relationships? Recall a particular crossroads moment in a close relationship from your own life. In doing so, use the terminology that we are building in this course to describe and further explicate this particular crossroads moment—e.g., story, archetype, motif, metacommunication, meaning, framing, humility, self-reflection, systemic intelligence, bifurcation point, dialogue, dialogic negotiation, reflection, reciprocity, relationship, relational legend, etc. ...
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Synchronicity is a term that was originally developed by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss
psychologist (Jung et al., 2018). Synchronicity can shallowly be linked coincident temporal
happenings of acausal events. Synchronicity is also referred to as awkward, amazing
coincidence, prophecy, conspiracy, or chance. Synchronicity is a common experience that
happens to everyone. Sometimes we tend to think of people for the first time in a long time, and
coincidentally bump on them a few hours later. One may happen to walk in a bookstore to
enquire about the availability of some old book, and surprisingly, they find another customer
purchasing it before you even mention it. Synchronicity is unique for every individual, and it is
as different as diverse human needs and desires.
Synchronicity as a positive and negative phenomenon for a relationship
Synchronicity could be a positive or negative phenomenon for a relationship ((Mackey,
2015). On the positive aspect of synchronicity boosts one’s connection sense with the partner
and to their surroundings. Partner’s untimely encounters reinforce the existing relationships and
even bring forth new connections that eventual...

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