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I need an explanation for this Management question to help me study.

  1. Describe the organization's culture through its values, rituals, beliefs, language, architecture, stories, heroes and artifacts.
  2. Discuss the leadership of the organization and its relationship to the culture.
  3. How does the culture of the organization reflect the industry and environment in which that company conducts business?
  4. How would you advise a new employee to behave and in this culture?

The company I chose is Airbnb. it needs to be 2 pages long (2 full pages).

I need the work cited to make sure I include it at the end of the essay and it's not plagiarized.

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Hello there,I hope you are having a great day. I just finished your paper. I tried to finis hit as early as possible as I saw you might need it in a hurry. I am attaching the final version to this message. As you will be able to see, the essay I sent to you follows your requirements in terms of content and length. The file was written in MLA format as you requested. References and in-text citations were provided too.I know how important is to deliver quality, free of plagiarism work and due to that I always write my own papers. As you will be able to see based on the plagiarism checker, this is a fully original paper as everything was written by me. I always focus on delivering original papers as I know how important they are in the academic setting.It was a pleasure working with you and I hope my essay matches your expectations. I am looking forward to working again with you in the near future.

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is to highlight general information about the paper or add any additional ones which were unsuitable for the essay
but might help the student have a better understanding of the topic.

1.General Information About the Paper
File Name: Cultural Analysis of Airbnb Company
Format: MLA
Type : Essay
Number of Words: 1032 words
Pages: 5 pages (4 content page+ 1 reference page)
Subject: Cultural Analysis
References: Yes
In text citation: Yes

*The guideline given by your professor was correctly followed
*All the questions requested were answered and were included in the paper with
the suitable references.

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