Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies in Imperial Brands Essay

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This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

  1. Build a systemic framework including both internal and external factors to identify/examine their impact on a business’ social responsibility
  2. Understand various models of corporate social responsibility and apply to practical examples
  3. Critically evaluate business practices to articulate debates concerning social responsibilities and response to ethical dilemmas
  4. Critically review approaches for engaging stakeholders in social responsibility and sustainability programmes

This assignment is made up of a report

You are expected to conduct an independent piece of research that considers different industries/organisations and management practices across different geographical locations by evaluating how corporate social responsibility practices have been undertaken and critically discuss alternative approaches and solutions.

Using key themes from this module, you need to develop a corporate social responsibility strategy for ONE of the companies from the following list:


2 – ACCA





Write a report to be presented to the board of directors responsible for the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy. Your report should include an analysis of the proposed strategy taking into account the following issues:

  1. Explore corporate social responsibility in different organizational and national contexts focusing on the six core characteristics of CSR – relate them to the organisation of your choice from the case studies pack.
  2. Explore the variety of theoretical avenues and the diversity of theoretical concepts in CSR and relate them to the chosen organisation. You need to apply at least three models/theories within this section.
  3. Examine strategic approaches used currently by the chosen corporation in fulfilling their community responsibilities

4 Make recommendations identifying how a more sustainable CSR strategy can be developed for your chosen company. The suggestions should analyse the following aspects:

  • How ecological responsibilities could be further enhanced in the chosen organisation’s corporate strategy
  • How the chosen company might enhance social welfare by developing products for consumers or responding to demands from consumers for greater responsibility.
  • How the chosen organisation might enhance their CSR strategy in regards to the recruitment and retention of employees.
  • You need to ensure that the recommendations given are original and are proposed in accordance with your understanding of the selected case study.

5 - Conclusion

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Corporate Social responsibility

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Corporate Social responsibility


Executive Summary
Corporate social responsibility entails the measures and actions that a given company
installs to ensure that they improve the environment and society it operates in. The paper focuses
on summarizing how Imperial Brands Corporation has effectively employed CSR into its
operations. It also looks at some of the core characteristics of a valid CSR strategy. They include
environmental protection, participation in voluntary work, corporate governance, sustainable
investment, taking care of clients’ needs and also creating profits. The theories that are utilized in
creating a CSR plan are also discussed which include stakeholder theory, shareholder theory and
business ethics approach. The paper also comprehensively discusses some of the actions that
Imperial Brands have undertaken to protect the environment and wellbeing of the communities
they operate in. Recommendations are then presented on how the company can enhance its
ecological responsibilities, protect and fulfill the interests and needs of the consumers and also
how they can improve their strategy in relation to the recruitment and retention of employees.

Corporate Social responsibility


Imperial Brands is a Britain based firm that focuses on manufacturing tobacco-related
products. The company avails its products worldwide and is one of the largest international
tobacco companies globally. It deals with consumer goods and manufactures, markets and sells
commodities such as cigarettes, pipe and smokeless tobacco, cigars, e-cigarettes, snus, and other
tobacco-related products (Encyclopeadia Britannica, 2016). Being one of the largest corporations
in the world in the tobacco industry, the Imperial Brands is supposed to engage in social
responsibility activities that will enhance the livelihood of the people in the region that they
operate in. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be termed as the values and norms that any
given organization holds that are focused on enhancing the environment whereby they are
established in (Boer, 2017). That is, it is the role that a given business has towards society. Some
of the advantages of a company engaging in CSR include having a competitive advantage which
leads to increased market shares and also helps in establishing a healthy relationship between the
community and the firm. Therefore, Imperial Brands should allocate some of its resources
towards enhancing the society in which it has established its operations.
Core Characteristics of CSR
Environmental protection is one of the characteristics of a compelling corporate social
responsibility strategy. It entails enacting measures that will ensure that the environment and
other external parties are not negatively affected by the effects of the industrial and commercial
activities that a given organization engages in (Xaxx, 2017). Imperial Brands should ensure that
they install techniques to ensure that the surrounding communities are not negatively affected by
its manufacturing, marketing and selling practices. One of the ways that this can be achieved is

Corporate Social responsibility


by creating awareness among the employees and educating them about the importance of
protecting the environment. They should also install production techniques that ensure that the
manufacturing stages do not release pollutants to the environment. They should also ensure that
they comply with the stipulated legislation and standards by the different national governments
and international bodies in the areas they operate in.
Another feature of an effective CSR strategy of a given organization is participating in
voluntary work that goes beyond the ones prescribed by law. It entails a given organization
participating in activities that improve the wellbeing of people in the society who are not
necessarily their clients (IGO Promo, 2019). The strategy also involves engaging in act...

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