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Challenges of Paid Time Off for Employers
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Challenges of Paid Time Off for Employers

PTO (Paid Time Off) policy combines sick time, personal time and vacation into a pool
of days for workers to utilize when they ask for leaves from work (Glynn et al., 2016). This
policy creates a bank of days that employees use at their discretion. When a worker has to take a
leave from work, this policy enables him or her to be paid for the time off. Normally, the
employer does not force an employee to take time off. However, with the emergence of the
Covid-19, a disease caused by the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus, which originated from Wuhan in
China, employers and the government are requiring employees to take paid time off.
The Coronavirus Emergency Relief Package (CERP), which became law on 19th March
2020, allows American employees to take paid leaves if they want to take some time off work
due to the virus (Miller, 2020). Qualified employees are given fourteen days of paid time off if
they fall ill, seek diagnosis, quarantine or take preventative measures, or care for their ill family
members. It also gives fourteen days for individuals who are caring for their children who are
now at home after schools’ closure or whose care providers are unavailable due to the virus
(Miller, 2020). Most employees at midsize and small companies, governme...

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