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1. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of top-down budgeting and bottom-up budgeting. What are some examples of when each would be used? Provide examples and research

2. As the Project Manager working on the project, now that the scope has been determined, you will now be developing the budget of the project.

  1. Using the template, enter the WBS tasks outlined in the Week 2 assignment
  2. Using the tools and techniques learned, develop estimates for the project.
  3. Research costs for individual resources by using sources like (Links to an external site.) or glassdoor (Links to an external site.) to determine the cost for salary for individuals and costs for any other items from the budget.
  4. Complete the budget template for your project.

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BI Project Management Tasks Project Project manager Project artifacts ID BI Activity In each row, list the specific task to be completed in order to complete a BI Solution from Start to Finish? BI Activity Purpose Describe the purpose of the BI task Owner/Responsible Stakeholder Who will own and complete the BI activity? 1 2 Determining the project plan it indicates what is needed in the whole project plan 3 indentifying the risk of the plan To know the cause-effect relationship of the plan stakeholder 4 Involving the support people of the project To help in the project stakeholder 5 early architecture envisioning Used as recurrent reference by team during the plan stakeholder 6 data architecture analysis Used as reference during the plan 7 Technical data analysis to determine what tool approach will be used stakeholder 8 Revise cost estimate For the maintainance of the tool stakeholder 9 architect and design To formulate the agile tool in the plan stake holder 10 build and test To source data loaded for the project stakeholder 11 Designing system architecture Helps to meet the busness requirements stakeholder 12 13 Owner owner BI Project Management Tasks 14 15 asks Project # Sponsor Updated Planned Completion Actual Completion Date the activity is planned to be completed Date the activity was completed Status Date Entered In-Progress, Closed, or Pending Date the activity was Entered in Project Plan closed 2nd january 2015 closed 6th may 2015 5th july 2015 closed 9th july 2015 10th july 2015 10th july 2015 closed 15th july 2015 20th july 2015 20th july 2015 closed 26th july 2015 28th july 2015 28th july 2015 closed 5th august 2015 10th august 201510th august 2015 closed 1st sep 2015 5th sep 2015 closed 7th sep 2015 15th sep 2015 15th sep 2015 closed 20th sep 2015 1st oct 2015 5th oct 2015 in progress 1st dec 2015 31st dec 2015 - 3rd may 2015 3rd May 2015 5th july 2015 5th sep 2015 asks Work Breakdown Structure Template for Project Name Prepared by: Project Manager 1.0 RFID 1.1 Components 1.2 Trolley 1.2.1 Product’s tag 1.3 Tag Reader 1.4 Support 2.0 Products 2.1 Item Tags 2.2 Inventory 2.2.1 Products Bought 2.2.2 Products On shelves 2.2.3 Obsolete products 2.3 Real time stock 3.0 Automatic Checkouts 3.1 Bills Date: 3/20/2020 ...
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1. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of top-down budgeting and
bottom-up budgeting. What are some examples of when each would be used?
Provide examples and research.
Top-down budgeting
Advantages Disadvantages

Bottom-up budgeting


The executive is the The team that is

With this type of

This approach has

only one involved involved in the

budget, the team

a bigger spending

has more power on

process compared

in the process. budgeting process

is outdated with the the expenses of the
It is a time saver extra expenses of

to the other



Every department


One budget at a If the departments

is involved in

should encounter to

time is created. are looking for


make all par...

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