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Read Case Study: A Strategic Approach to Enterprise Risk Management at Zurich Insurance Group in Chapter 14 of the textbook.This case study describes how the Zurich Insurance Group has implemented and evolved its enterprise risk management (ERM) approach for more than 10 years across the globe. It describes how Zurich has organized its governance structures and ERM champions to help integrate ERM into the business model that focuses on promptly identifying, measuring, managing, monitoring, and reporting risks that affect the achievement of strategic, operational, and financial objectives. This includes adjusting their risk profiles to be in line with Zurich’s stated risk tolerance to respond to new threats and opportunities in order to optimize returns. In this assignment you will conduct a review of the literature on this case study and write a literature review on this topic. There are many sites that can assist in the formatting and content of a literature review. Here is an example:

Some of the questions or areas to consider are:

1. How do Zurich ERM tools help them better understand their existing and emerging risks?

2. How are Zurich’s risk roles and responsibilities impacting their risk culture?

3. Why is it important to include a Business Resilience program in your organization’s ERM program?

4. How is Zurich’s Capital Management program helping their ERM program?

5. Give some examples on how Zurich has created new value through their ERM program.

Literature Review Expectations:

At least 10 peer-reviewed articles are to be included in the literature review.

It should be organized by theme or subject of the article.

A minimum of one paragraph is required per article.

The review must be synthesized, and the articles analyzed for content as it relates to the content of the case study above.

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