EKU Environmental Health of BP Texas City Refinery Explosion Research Paper

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We, as a group, are instructed to work on this final paper. we divided the work into 5 sections.. my section is to talk about the ENVIRONMENTAL Health of the incident only . THE GROUP HAS CHOSEN THE 2005 TEXAS CITY REFINERY EXPLOSION.

Write 3-4 pages using APA format

Use peer reviewed references (written in the last 5 years)

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Environmental Health of BP Texas City Refinery Explosion
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Environmental Health of BP Texas City Refinery Explosion
Until March 23, 2005, BP Texas City refinery was one of the most substantial producers
of energy in America. At full capacity, the refinery processed more than 10million gallons of
gasoline, which translates to roughly 3% of the country's daily consumption. However, at
approximately 1.30 pm on that fateful day, America's third-largest refinery suffered a significant
explosion that killed 15 workers instantly and leaving 180 others with fatal injuries The
explosion occurred when a vapor cloud of combustible hydrocarbon gas got ignited, causing a
geyser-like release from the vent. The mega-disaster cost the company billions of ...

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