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Help me study for my Music class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

The concert report flows are below: (instructions and report example is attached)

Corelli Concerto Grosso No. 11

  1. Preludio Andante largo
  2. Allemanda Allegro
  3. Adagio
  4. Andante Largo
  5. Sarabanda
  6. Giga

Europa Galante - CORELLI - CONCERTO GROSSO OP 6 N 11- September 201 (Links to an external site.)Europa Galante  - CORELLI - CONCERTO GROSSO OP 6 N 11- September 2019

Joh. Seb. Bach Concerto for Flute, Violin and Harpsichord

1 Allegro

` 2. Adagio ma non tanto e dolce

  1. Allabreve

J.S.Bach - Triple concerto in A minor BWV 1044 Anastasia Antonova, harpsichord (Links to an external site.)J.S.Bach - Triple concerto in A minor BWV 1044 Anastasia Antonova, harpsichord

Joseph Haydn Cello Concerto in D

  1. Allegro moderato
  2. Adagio
  3. Rondo – Allegro

Mischa Maisky - Haydn - Cello Concerto No 2 in D major (Links to an external site.)Mischa Maisky - Haydn - Cello Concerto No 2 in D major

Georg Muffat Concerto grooso XII - Propitia Sydera: Grave - Ciacona

  1. Grave
  2. Passcacaglia/Ciacona

Georg Muffat: Concerto grosso XII "Propitia Sydera", Grave - Ciacona – Bremer Barockorchester (Links to an external site.)Georg Muffat: Concerto grosso XII "Propitia Sydera", Grave - Ciacona – Bremer Barockorchester

Revised instructions.

In general the instructions will stay the same except don’t do the header! Just put your name and the assignment. There are four different ensembles and soloists performing on these videos include this information in the paragraphs introduction each piece. Just put list the names of the soloist of the Haydn and Bach, not the Concerti Grossi.

The word count and the general structure and style of objective and subjective will remain the same.

You must use at least 10 words from the glossary of terms list and list the specific terms you used in an appendix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Due date is changed to last day of class March 27 but if you submit your report by Monday March 23rd I will review your work and suggest corrections if needed so you can revise!. If you have questions or need help please ask, I will try hard to get my program notes done to help.

There is a mystery here I can't explain yet there is a discrepancy in the titles of the Muffat

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CONCERT REPORT INSTRUCTIONS: As part of your course work, one concert report is required of a Classical music concert you attend during the course. Rock, Pop or Jazz concerts or concerts by high school groups are not acceptable. Students are not allowed to write about a concert in which they participate. College level and professional organizations and performers are acceptable. The program must be preapproved and it must be a concert that you know what the pieces to be performed are ahead of time for research purposes. There will be a Concert Report forum in Catalyst where you will need to tell the class about the concert you are attending. Again this must be a live performance that takes place during the current quarter. I had a student turn in a report based on a concert viewed on YouTube. Very unfortunate – please don’t even ask about doing a report on a recorded or online concert performance. Do, however, use YouTube, Naxos and other web recourses to research the pieces on your concert before attending. You also might find it valuable to listen to your pieces as you write your paper! In your email describing the concert and asking for approval do not include a link but instead summarize the information from the link. In your email tell me name of the group or performer, the date and most importantly what pieces will be performed. It is important that you know what pieces are being performed ahead of time so you can do some research and be prepared. TYPES: A variety of concerts are possible i.e. SOLO RECITALS (voice or instrumental), CHORAL GROUPS, ORCHESTRA, CONCERT BANDS, CHAMBER MUSIC, EARLY MUSIC GROUPS, CONTEMPORARY MUSIC GROUPS. Opera and Ballet performances are not appropriate for the report unless you are able to write 10 -15 pages of work. If in doubt consult with Mr. Tayerle. THE BODY OF THE REPORTS MUST BE TYPED SINGLE SPACE, 2 TO 3 FULL PAGES IN LENGTH, BUT NOT MORE THAN 3 PAGES. 1500 – 2000 words minimum. YOU MUST REPORT ON THE ENTIRE CONCERT. THE SIZE OF TYPE (FONT) SHOULD BE NO SMALLER THAT 10 AND NO LARGER THAN 12. NORMAL MARGIN WIDTH SHOULD BE USED ON THE RIGHT AND LEFT SIDES OF THE PAGE. DESCRIBE EACH PIECE AND EACH MOVEMENT. On separate page that does not count toward the word or page count paste a photo of your concert ticket and a photo of the stage after the performance. Pictures are not allowed to be taken during most concerts and please make sure your phone (and you) does not make noise during the performance. FORMAT:1) For the Header of your report in the top left hand corner of the page put the date of the concert and the name of the performing group or artist. 2) In the center of the page list the composer and titles of the pieces. Don't list individual movements. 3) In the right hand corner of the page place your name. There will be a separate assignment before the report is due to clarify this part of the instructions. I. MUSICAL DESPRIPTION. This is a description of what you heard. CHARACTERIZE the music : "happy," "dancelike," "restless," etc. Use a separate paragraph for EACH piece. Avoid writing a "blow- byblow" account. What was the music like? Avoid creating little stories of scenes that may have been suggested by the music, but describe the mood. II. SUBJECTIVE REACTION: This is your personal response to the music. Use a SINGLE paragraph to describe this reaction. Reflect on ALL the pieces you heard. You can express your likes and dislikes. DO NOT WRITE a separate paragraph for each work. III. THE PERFORMANCE: Write what you thought of the performance as a whole. Were you impressed? Would you go hear the same group or artist again? Was there a single aspect of the concert that stood out in your memory? YOU WILL BE GRADED ON: Appearance, grammar, spelling and content. NOTE: The grading for this paper is not the same as for tests. IT IS MUCH MORE STRICT. Students must also have a CONCERT REPORT FORUM entry on record before the concert. Your Concert Report grade will be lowered one grade if not. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN "F" IF:Your report is late.You do not follow the format.Your report in any way incorporates someone else's work Protect your work--don't share ideas! Your report is incomplete. Please note: I personally would never submit an important piece of writing such as this assignment without having my wife proof read and help with grammar issues. There are incredible resources at De Anza College to help you with your writing. I am also more than glad to help you and advise you with this assignment as long as it is not requested “last minute”. In the past there have been friends that take the class together and go to the same concert and write the same report - badly. While it’s rather outdated to say “don’t share ideas” - don’t do it poorly. REMEMBER: YOUR COURSE GRADE WILL BE LOWERED ONE LETTER GRADE IF YOU FAIL TO TURN IN A REPORT. June 4th 2017 Los Angeles Philharmonic Gustavo Dudamel, Conductor Yuja Wang, Piano Stravinsky Symphonies of Winds Instruments Bartok Piano Concerto No. 3 Janacek Sinfonietta My wife and I went to Los Angeles for the weekend to visit her family and 11 of us attended a concert of the LA Philharmonic at Disney Symphony Hall. She has a large family! The concert was conducted by music director Gustavo Dudamel and featured piano soloist Yuja Wang. The concert program included Igor Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments, Bela Bartok, Piano Concerto No. 3 and the Sinfonietta of Leos Janacek. It was a concert of 20th century music. The first piece on the program was Igor Stravinsky's Symphonies of Wind Instruments. It was just that, in that it featured exclusively the woodwind and brass sections of the orchestra. The piece is scored for ……… ​The Symphonies of Wind Instruments, the title, refers not to any musical form but to the original meaning of symphony, as a “sounding together” of instrumentsand it was described by its composer as “an austere ritual which is unfolded in terms of short litanies between different groups of homogeneous instruments”.​ The work is short about 10 minutes in duration and was composed in 1920 but underwent revisions until 1947 ultimately producing the final version heard at Sunday’s concert. The second piece on the concert was Bela Bartok’s Piano Concerto No. 3, written in 1947. Bartok composed the concerto while battling the final stages of leukemia. He completed the work with the exception of orchestrating the last 17 bars. The piece is scored for …… The concerto has the classic structure of a concerto, 3 movements. The solo piano starts the first movement, allegretto, by playing an original Hungarian folk tune. Bartok was famous for codifying traditional Hungarian Folk tunes and music. The second movement or adagio religioso is a nocturno, or written in the Night music style Bartok was known for in his mature works. This style features the sounds of the night mostly of birds and other animals. According to the program notes the bird calls in the piece were transcribed from recordings of birds Bartok made in North Carolina the year before. The nocturne itself, however, was a genre, from the Romantic era. Recall Mozart's iconic Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik (A Little Night Music) from the classical era. The third movement is in rondo form and pays tribute to Bach with fugal sections. The piano soloist, Yuja Wang performed two encores with the encouragement of the enthusiastic audience. Both were virtuosic pieces. The first was a movement from a Bartok Piano Sonata, I think, but I’m not sure and the second piece was a fantasia based on themes from Bizet’s opera, Carmen. After the intermission the orchestra performed Janacek. The Sinfonietta is scored for a very large orchestra……… the piece begins and ends with a brass fanfare featuring the brass section. In addition to the musicians on stage there was a group off stage with 9 trumpets, 2 euphoniums and 2 bass trumpets. In the inner movements Janacek uses short repetitious cells, much like Beethoven does in his 5th Symphony and 17th Piano Sonata that we studied in class. Of the three main works on the program the Janacek was more in a Romantic Era style with more traditional harmonies and rhythms but also had some modern textures and features of the 20th century. The Stravinsky did not have a steady beat or traditional harmonies even though the piece was chordal and homophonic sounding. The Bartok was very modern sounding without being dissident or rhythmically complex. Bartok had his own voice in the 20th Century. Actually all three composers did. I enjoyed the concert very much. I have never seen Gustavo Dudamel conduct live. He and Yuja Wang are both young stars of today’s Classical Music world. This was also my first time hearing a concert in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I was very impressed with the venue. The architecture is fascinating and beautiful on the outside and inside. There is a very modern looking pipe organ at the back of the stage. The large 64 and 32 foot pipes stick out in a very asymmetric, random way and to me it looks like a huge sea urchin. Our seats were very far up and away from the stage but we heard everything clearly and the acoustic sounded good. I was impressed with the performance of the Stravinsky, I know the piece well from performing it and have heard many recordings of it. The wind and brass players of the LA Philharmonic did a fine performance of this piece. The piece has choral sections and the balance and blend of the ensemble was superb. I have conducted the third piano concerto of Bartok, it is my favorite of his three concertos but it is not a flashy, warhorse concerto you would like to hear a virtuosic star like Ms. Wang perform. Nonetheless she showed depth of musicianship and very sensitive playing. She came on stage dressed in 5 inch heels and a skin tight sleeveless mini-skirted dress with a bare back- a look far from the traditional concert gown. The audience gave her a standing ovation and demanded the two encores where she did show her stunning virtuosity. She performed the entire concert and the two encores from memory. I have loved the Janacek since I was a young kid and have not heard it in many years. I was very moved by the power and grandeur of the opening and closing fanfares of the work and the slavic beauty of the inner movements. Overall I was very impressed with the concert. Gustavo Dudamel brought the very best out of the group. He had great rapport with the soloist and encouraged a nuanced performance by the Philharmonic. The LA Philharmonic is a very fine orchestra and an ensemble of quite talented musicians with a world class music director. ...
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Final Answer

Hello. I am through with the paper, I passed it through grammarly to ensure that grammar is perfect and also turnitin for plagiarism. The paper is good now. However, you can contact me in case you want anything more. pleasure working with you. goodbye



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For the following concert reports, I chose to go and listen to an elite group of music
composers. I chose that because I wanted to see some of the best talents that are available in the
music realm. I am a person that works during the morning hours, thus during the night, I had a
very humble time listening to the concerts. It was so important to listen to pieces that are
composed of students and also the old. It’s still very unimaginable for me to create such complex
musical compositions and even performing them before live audiences. These parts of the
concerts were so awe-aspiring. Large attendances were present, and are so sure the large
attendances consisted of friends and families of the performers.
Music Description
The first piece that I watched was Europa Galante -Corelli. The band was composed of
both males and females. It featured the woodwind and brass sections of the orchestra. It was cool
and classical. It started in small building crescendos which became more and more powerful as
the music reached its peak. The music was a field with dark and moody sounds and that made is
exceptional. There were very many reverberating notes that were used to convey the eerie and
sadistic tone. As the music progressed it became even more dramatic and intense which
constantly repeated the tone color. The music work was short just about 9 minutes to be specific
but it was worth it.
The second piece that I watched was J....

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