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At least two well-developed paragraphs at least 250 words and in APA format answer the two questions Part 1 Compare the lifestyle, economic, and religious differences between the three different colonies. Part 2: Choose one colony, pretend you live there and are writing a letter to a relative in England about your lifestyle, what religion you practice, and how your family is faring in North America. At the bottom (right below the paragraphs), you must include an APA-style bibliography of all the sources you used. I have included the textbook link https://openstax.org/books/us-history/pages/1-1-th...

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Part 1
The three different colonies for this discussion include New England, Middle, and Southern.
These colonies have major differences in their lifestyle, economic, and religious activities. The
colonial America is based on regional differences in its culture. At the same time, differences are
based on the historical development of the colonies. For example, the Southern colonial part was
developed based on economic activities where people were looking for natural...

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