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A 2,700 square foot lecture hall has 150 seats and a ceiling height of 10 feet. People are estimated to emit acetone at the rate given in Table 21.4. Assume acetone decays at a rate of 0.52 hr-1 and that ventilation air coming into the hall contains no acetone. a) If the hall is in constant use at maximum capacity (i.e., a professor, a TA, and all seats full), plot the steady state concentration of acetone (Cin,ss; y-axis) versus the characteristic time (τ; x-axis). Use Excel or another graphing program to make your plot. Label all axes and provide units.

b) Use your plot to estimate the steady-state concentration (ppm) when the ventilation rate is 2.5 air changes per hour.

c) Given the ventilation rate from part (b), calculate the concentration of acetone in the hall after 10 hours of continuous use. Assume there is no acetone in the hall prior to the start of the 10-hour day.

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