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After reading and watching the various interviews concerning the Coronavirus, write an essay answering the following questions:

  • Which interview did you find most informative and why?
  • What questions would you have asked to at least two of these experts that was not addressed in the article or video?
  • Why do you think those questions needed to be asked?
  • What has been your evaluation of the media coverage of the Coronavirus? (This is not a question about your politics. I want to know about coverage only, such as if it was too much or not enough coverage, if the questions have been sufficient, what has been stellar or lacking in the coverage, etc.)

Your paper must be at least 500 words. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. When you submit your paper, it will also be run through the Turnitin plagiarism checker. Therefore, if you quote a source, be sure to cite it.

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Final Answer


Analyzing Corona Virus Interviews – Outline
Thesis Statement: Therefore, some aspects have been discussed based on two interviews
conducted recently, where some of the issues include the most informative interview, the
question that would be asked to the experts, the reason why the question is necessary, as well as
the evaluation of the media regarding the coverage of the coronavirus.

Most Informative Interview
A. On the first interview with Jeffrey Lewis, Lewis argued that coronavirus is like a nuclear
war that has been developed to the United States.
B. In the second Interview, Ai Fen blames the Chinese authorities for the severity of the
C. Based on the two interviews, the first interview with Lewis is the one that appears to be
more informative.


Questions That Would Be Asked to the Experts
A. One of the questions is that is there any possibility that North Korea sent a virus to China
as it targets the United States?
B. The second question is how severe the virus would be if doctor Ai Fen did not alert her
colleagues and her superiors?


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