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PART ONE: For today's writing assignment, you'll read the United Nations' "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and think about the definition of happiness you wrote for Week Seven. Although the Universal Declaration doesn't include the word "happiness," it includes many aspects of well-being that can support the happiness of individuals and whole populations.

      • Based on your thinking about the Universal Declaration, how might you revise your definition of happiness that has significance to the world (from Week Seven)?
      • Which aspects of the Universal Declaration seem especially important to your definition of world happiness (although they all may be important).
      • What would you say to a governmental power to persuade it to address one aspect you've identified? How might you use the Universal Declaration to support your cause?

PART TWO: You'll think about a topic for your final essay of the semester.


PART ONE: To revisit your definition of happiness and apply it to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

PART TWO: To reflect on an aspect of happiness that may become the subject of your final essay for the semester; to examine and identify your current ideas on this subject.



    • Apply a concept (your definition of happiness) to another text (the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights) to continue developing and synthesizing your understanding of universal aspects of happiness and to further develop your definition
    • Organize a coherent, logical, and clear min-essay
    • Introduce authors
    • Incorporate source information into your essays with signal phrases, in-text citations, and explanation


    • Reflect upon and assess what we've read and learned about happiness and your prior knowledge.
    • Evaluate what's relevant to you about happiness.
    • Prepare to research and write your final essay through pre-reflection.
    • Organize a coherent, logical, and clear response.


      • Concepts of happiness; critical reading; the UN's Declaration


      • Prior and current knowledge about a key aspect of happiness.


Write a 2-3 page essay on an MLA-formatted document in which you -

    • State a definition of happiness that you have assessed is important for our world (from Week Seven, revised as needed).
    • Identify and explain 3-4 aspects from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that relate to your definition.
      • These aspects may be specific Articles from the document or may be key themes you've identified that run through parts or all of the Universal Declaration.
    • Analyze and explain how each aspect is especially relevant to your definition (although others may be, as well).
    • Identify one aspect that governments (the US, another country's, or all governments) should focus on now. In your essay, share what you would you say to persuade this government or governments? How would you use the Universal Declaration to back you up?
    • Include at least TWO quotations that have been incorporated with signal phrases, in-text citations, and explanations.
    • Include at least ONE paraphrase that signals where the information originated and includes an in-text citation and explanation.
    • Write clearly and effectively, imagining a reader who hasn't read what you have.
    • A Works Cited list is not required.


After Part One, on the same document, write a full paragraph in which you -

    • State the topic you might like to focus on for your final essay of the semester
    • Explain why this interests you
    • Share what you currently know or conjecture (imagine) about this topic.
    • Address all prompts in necessary detail, demonstrating the skills we've learned in the first half of the semester.
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Part 1
Definition of Happiness
Happiness is defined differently across the globe, and the definitions depend on the
experiences of different individuals. After reading the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights,"
my definition of happiness has improved significantly. I can now define happiness as the positive
and pleasant emotions ranging from short term and long term feelings of intense joy as a result of
one's freedom to live, explore, acquire various materials and use them in a way that contributes to
his/her happiness and make his/her lives satisfactory. This definition takes into account the
importance of freedom in human lives as long as the freedom granted to an individual does not
lead to the mistreatment and suffering of others.
The revised definition of happiness borrows ideas and essential concepts from the
"Universal Decla...

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