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Two managers are discussing the pros and cons of different measures of economic development. “GDP per capita,” declares the first, “is the only true measure of how developed a country’s economy is.” The second manager counters: “I disagree. The only true measure of a country’s economic development is its people’s quality of life, regardless of its GDP.”

Based on the readings for Module above, answer the following question:

  • Why is each one of these managers is incorrect on their perspectives?


  • Length: A minimum of 400 words, not including references
  • Citations: At least one high-level scholarly or professional reference in APA format

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The economic development of a country is the measure of a country’s financial freedom
and wellbeing, as well as the quality of life of a political area, which is boosted to achieve a given
set goal (Coccia, 2018). It involves planned activities and programs that are executed to spur
economic wellness and improve the value of the life of a given nation by creating retainable wealth,
expanding budget, creation of opportunities, and establishing a good revenue base.
The economic development of a country is measured using seve...

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