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Given the growth in telecommuting and other mobile work arrangements, how might offices physically change in the coming years? Will offices as we think of them today exist in the next ten years? Why or why not?

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The Future of Offices
Telecommuting means when the employer makes an arrangement for the employees
to permit them to work from a remote location instead of commuting physically to the
corporate office. Due to constant advancement in technology, there has been an improvement
in the telecommuting and other mobile work arrangements. The things which were done
manually are now done by the machines. Gone are the days when the employees were
trapped in isolated booths and heads down with very less social interaction. For most of the
businesses, they are still the conventional office spaces occupied with bulky files and
computers in front of 9 to 5 jobs.
But today, the office designs have shifted towards highly flexible working space
allowing the employees to easily collaborate and socialize with others. Architects,
developers, and designers have made constant efforts to improve the office environment and
make it the happiest place to work for the employees (Navani, 2019). The purpose is to
increase motivation and productivity without significantly affecting the profitability of the
organization. There are numerous ways the offices will physically change in the coming year.
Virtual offices mean when the employees of the organization are given the flexibility
to work from the remote location. This means they can work from anywhere around the
world. The o...

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