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I’m working on a Marketing question and need guidance to help me study.

Post about your experience so far in the course and how your social media campaign is going. Is it harder or easier than you expected? You must also respond to a minimum of two other students' blog posts.

The social media campaign in on loot crate.

Please see attached document for more information on Loot Crate.

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David Hubbard

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Now that I’m approaching the end of my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing (graduating in August 2020 if all goes to plan), I feel that I’m really getting to a point where I’m feeling comfortable with what is expected of me from an academic perspective. I find there are areas of marketing that I feel strong in i.e. creativity and design, yet weak in others i.e. statistics.

For this course “Social Media Campaign” more specifically, I feel my project on Tesla is coming along nicely and I’m learning some interesting facts along the way in how they approach marketing in terms of setting a ‘zero dollar’ marketing budget, yet make it work with a strong presence from Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) and a strong following on social media that has mostly evolved through ‘word of mouth’.

I have some ideas on who I want to make my target audience based upon demographic and psychographic style research I’ve collected. I believe I have some ideas on what platforms I can find my target audience on social media, and the approaches that could be effective in attracting consumers to buy Tesla’s products.

While I wouldn’t consider this course ‘easy’, I’m very relieved that the course feels ‘familiar’ and contains content that I’ve become fairly knowledgeable about in my recent years of studying with SNHU. Of course, I’m finding certain information useful – more specifically ROI (Return on Investment) and ‘Viral Marketing’ on social media. All in all though, with all the uncertainty surrounding us with the Coronavirus pandemic, I’m thankful I’m not struggling too much with the content and that I’m not having to dedicate ‘more time than I can currently give’ to the course. Family comes first and the rest can wait if necessary. All I can say is ‘stay safe’ everyone and keep following the steps laid out for us all to beat this virus.


Reply 2: Marissa Peart

My experience in this course thus far is great! I am learning how to piece together a social media campaign that will help me in the real world after I graduate. I love social media and how it holds so much power. We don’t even know the true potential of social media as it is considered to be a fairly new concept. The different updates and functions that continue to be added to social platform sites like Facebook and Instagram are only the beginning of what is to come in the future. Social media has allowed others to depend upon it financially which I think is amazing. For example, Kim Kardashian reportedly makes 1 million dollars per post on the popular platform of Instagram (Barna, 2019). Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are able to benefit from these platforms because businesses realize how influential people can impact sales.

My social media campaign is going well and I am happy with the company that I chose. They recently filed for bankruptcy which was perfect for me to get in the mindset of how can I help this company bounce back and stand out on social media platforms. I am mainly focusing on Instagram and Facebook as I think these are the two best platforms to reach my audience. As retail stores see a decline in foot traffic my social media plan will try to merge in store experience with that of social media with different areas of the store being places to take social media worthy photos etc. I do find creating a social media campaign not to be both easy and hard as it takes a lot of moving parts to come together to paint one big creative piece or multiple pieces. It requires a lot of creative thinking that can make or break a company’s image both on and offline if they are not appealing to their target audience.

I am appreciative of this course as I plan to start a marketing department for my current job since we do not currently have one nor do we have a website. This class will help me start from scratch so when the website is up and running creating a social media campaign for them will help drive traffic to the website. I am very excited to begin this journey as I hope to be compensated generously!


Barna, D. (2019, May 5). Apparently Kim Kardashian Makes THIS Much Per Instagram Post. Retrieved from

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1 Running Head: MILESTONE TWO LOOT CRATE’S TARGET MARKET AND SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE By Megan Marshall MILESTONE TWO Loot Crate Company 2 In this study, I have chosen the Loot Crate Company for a social media marketing campaign. The company provides monthly endowment that distributes a box of products themed to a different initiative within the ‘geek tradition’ every month (Alford, 2015). Clients pay for a continuous donation, having no information about what goods they are buying, only that they are going to obtain a cohesive theme based on a ‘fandom.’ The phrase represents a subculture made up of fans that are passionate about a particular television show, book, video game, or movie. They as well share solidarity with various individuals whom they share the same curiosity. The company works hard to gain benefits into the unsystematic mentality and provides goods that contain an extra twist of being an anonymous donation every month. Loot Crate’s Target market The company’s target market entails customers in their 20s and 30s, who recognize themselves as being members of many ’fandoms.’ These clients also, like an association with the exceptional club that Loot Crate offers every month. According to Alford (2015), Loot Crate has grown to prosperity since its inception in 2012. It has established eleven different themed boxes from the first one box every month. Some of the new themes include Loot gaming, star wars, and loot anime. Besides, the company gives many upsells to most of its ideas entailing adverts on items like clothing and socks. Loot Crate promotes almost solely through social media and online since its target market seems to concentrate much of its time on social media to discover, enjoy, and discuss their fandoms. It also exhibits the exception of heavy presence at pop tradition and humorous book gatherings. Mainly, those who recognize as part of a fandom articulate their fandoms at conventions and online. Consequently, this indicates a prudent choice for Loot Crate Company. Social media marketing channels Firstly, the company's Facebook page is active, where they usually post many posts daily to promote their products and to share news concerning the pop culture world. Also, they run contests, post photos, and videos of their products and marketing sensations, which are interactive. Looter love is one of the successful campaigns where they ask their clients to send pictures while enjoying their products (van Italie, 2018). They, therefore, go ahead to share those MILESTONE TWO 3 photos online. Also, they choose a few favorite images that they give them some prize packages. These prizes usually go to those individuals who use creativity while taking pictures. Thus, this enables the company the room to select the best image to use in promotion in the efforts of their marketing. Besides that, they use also twitter where the feeds as a high potential of moving their twitter feed, they tend to post some of their products and even some of the trending topics related to the pop culture world. Also, they make use of pictures from the campaign of their looter love, which makes their clients feel that they part and parcel that club. Therefore, thee customers end up becoming their ambassadors by sharing with their friends. Furthermore, the YouTube channel of loot crate contains a lot of unboxing videos. Van Italie 2018 notes that these clips show a person opening the ordered shipment for the viewers to see what it contains. For years now, these unboxing clips have been very famous. Thus, the marketing team of loot crate is so smart in making their videos to spread very fast by connecting with this idea. Also, they create theme reveal videos which tend to be creative, fun that allows the public to know which will be the theme package of the upcoming month. Therefore, they are also shared naturally as their clients get excited about the revealed theme. MILESTONE TWO References 4 Alford, A., Bundy, A., & Liggit, E. (2015). eSports: Demographics and Market Overview 2015. Van Italie, a., Corry, k., Vandelanotte, c., &Duncan, m. (2018). Effectiveness of a social media marketing campaign to increase awareness and membership of a physical activity website. Journal of science and medicine in sport, 21, s87. ...
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Up to this far, I can confirm that my experience in this course of Social media campaign
is excellent. The course has equipped me with the necessary skills on how to handle social media
marketing to be successful in the real business world. Precisely, have leaned on how you can
plan your social media campaigns by effectively identifying your target audience. Considering
Van (2018), in planning your strategy, you should first determine who is interested in your
products and which geographical area you are targeting. Then find out the social media site
usually preferred by your target population. Consequently, this will assist in developing an active
social media campaign. Again, the course is interesting since it focuses more on the real
marketing aspects happening in the corporate world.
Regarding the progress of my social media campaign, it’s prudent to state that it is on the
right track. I am excited about how Loot Crate Company is approaching its social media
campaign. The company has identified its target population to be people in their 20s and 30s
(Anthony, 2019). The ident...

TutorLarra (21678)
Boston College

Solid work, thanks.

The tutor was great. I’m satisfied with the service.

Goes above and beyond expectations !

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