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Introduce and discuss a relevant issue regarding Fileless Malware.

Introduce and discuss a relevant issue regarding Security Policy Conformance.

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Detection and Prevention of Fileless Malware

Introduce and discuss a relevant issue regarding Fileless Malware
Fileless malware refers to a form of malicious software that employs the use of
authentic programs to infect a computer. This malware does not depend on files to spread.
Besides, this malware does not leave a footprint (Smelcer, 2017). This makes it very
challenging to detect as well as remove this type of malware. Important to note is that this
malware type does not write or draft any part of its malicious activities to the computer’s hard
drive. As a result, the malware is highly resistant to the prevailing Anti-computer forensic
strategies. Also, it leaves very little evidence that digital forensics investigators could use to
establish illegitimate activities (Smelcer, 2017). Since this malware type is meant for working
in memory (RAM), it exists in the computer until the system is rebooted.
One of the main issues regarding fileless Malware is the detection and prevention of
fileless malware. Since it is impossible to scan files in order to detect this type of malware,
computer users can only rely on scanning memory as well as spotting of any malicious
behavior in their systems (Mansfield-Devine, 2017). Behavior monitoring is the most
effective approach to detecting this type of malware. This is because an...

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