CSULB Distant Object in Solar System Could Show how Planets Form Article Discussion

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Choose an article that related to the topics that you have and summarize it (this means rephrasing and stating what the article is saying in your own words) the news article(s) and how it is/they are related to something you learned (or will learn) in the Geology class.

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News-Assignment News that are related to topics covered in this class Find one or more articles (no video please) that are related to this class (any topic we have covered or will cover-please see syllabus). Please note that papers completed on impertinent topic (topics not covered in this class, e.g. hurricanes, tornadoes etc.) will receive a score of “0 (zero).” Choosing the right article can be the hardest part of this assignment, and it is usually best if it is an article that contain some scientific explanation about the event (this makes it easier for you to make connection between the topic and class content). It is also best to find an article that is long enough for you to summarize easily. If you choose an article that is one-paragraph long, it would be very difficult for you to summarize since it would be too short to begin with. If you are not sure whether your article would be a good article for you, I would be happy to review an article for suitability if you email me the article. Summarize (this means rephrasing and stating what the article is saying in your own words) the news article(s) and how it is/they are related to something you learned (or will learn) in this course. If you are using multiple articles, please make sure that you have a summary that compiles all the articles, and not provide separate summaries for each article. Please make sure not to duplicate anyone else’s work in the class. No credits will be given to plagiarized work. If you have done a similar assignment for a different course, you may not “recycle” the paper in this class. Note/Conditions: 1) Only use reputable news outlets (e.g. CNN, Los Angeles Times, New York Times etc., online access is available through the University library for some of the subscription based news sources). Generally speaking, peer-reviewed scientific papers are not recommended as they usually require more advanced knowledge of content before you can comprehend the article. You may check with me to make sure your choice of topic is acceptable prior to starting on the assignment. Please make sure that you have a good understanding of the article before you start summarizing. Incorrect facts will result in deduction of points. 2) The article(s) must be no older than 6 months old (unless you have a very good reason for selecting something older and receive my permission beforehand). 3) You will receive points only if you include the summary and your interpretation of the article (articles alone or summaries alone would not get you any points). Submission for each article should have this format: A) Title B) Reference to article (2 points): Please attach a copy of your source article(s), in addition to referencing it in your paper. C) Summary (approximately 300 words) (6 points). Please be sure to summarize and not “copy” the article. This section should be written in your own words. D) Your interpretation/analysis/explanation of the article based on the information you learned in class (be sure to mention the topic) (approximately 300 words). Please refrain from just listing whatever seems related in this section. This section needs to present your interpretation/analysis/explanation of the article based on what you learned (or will learn) in class. If you have a hard time understanding the material, please see me or seek help from those who can help. If you just list or explain terms that maybe related to the topic, you will not receive credit for the paper. o Points will be deducted if your submission does not meet the basic requirements stated above. o Points will also be deducted for typographical and grammatical errors. Please be sure to proof-read your work. Some class topics: • • • • • • • • Introduction, Scientific Method, and Origin of Solar system Intro to plate tectonics, Minerals Rock Cycle &Igneous Rocks Igneous rocks Sedimentary Rocks Metamorphic Rocks Plate Tectonics Earthquakes and Earth’s Interior ...
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Article Analysis – Outline

A. Arrokoth identified million years from Pluto
B. Arrokoth was renamed last year in November after it emerged that the
previous nae Ultima Thule was linked to Nazis
C. Arrokoth is also considered as one of the building blocks of planetesimals
D. Arrokoth remained unchanged over the years acting as the primordial time
E. Arrokoth remains one of the planets that was formed through an intricate
process and not violent collisions as objects moved across the globe.
F. Contains methanol ice and the signature color is red due


A. Nebular theory indicates sun and other components of the solar system begun
as a giant cloud of dust and molecular gas
B. Arrokoth which has been identified as a planetesimal exhibits similar
C. Components of Arrokoth also exhibit the same behavior but remains relatively
unchanged over the years
D. Arrokoth also shows some common features to other large or giant planets

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