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Who is the author and what is his/her general background? Why might they have written this book? An explanation of the author's thesis: What is the focus of this book? What is he trying to say? What struck you or stood out in this book and why? Be as reflective and thoughtful as you can. This is the soul of the paper. How does this book change/challenge the way you look at or think about some previously held belief about the world? If it did not change or challenge anything for you, then carefully explain why.

Your grade on this assignment will, more than anything else, be based on the depth with which you read the book and sincerity with which you reflect upon it

Choose one of the following books

2. The Dancing Wu Li Mastersby Gary Zukav
3. The Tao of Physicsby Fritjof Capra
4. The Elegant Universeby Brian Greene

5. Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynmanby Richard Feynman
6. Geniusby James Gleick
7. Parallel Worldsby Micchio Kaku (or anything else by this guy)

8. Spooky Action at a Distance: The Phenomenon That Reimagines Space and Time and What It Means for Black Holes, the Big Bang, and Theories of Everythingby George Musser.

9. The Trouble with Physicsby Leo Smolin
10. Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Lifeby Helen Czerski

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Surely, You're Joking Mr. Feynman


Surely, You're Joking Mr. Feynman by Richard Feynman
The focus of the Book

This book focuses on the life of a professor who retells his life story through funny pieces.
The author intends to assure that, through creativity, we can achieve so much in our lives. The
scope of the bot is not on his life as a scientist but rather his whole life by painting a picture of his
real character. It exceptionally brings it out, and it enables him to meet a smart jokester. This book
represents a classic tale of the daily life of a professor and also a Nobel Prize winner (Feynman&
Leighton, 2018). Many times, we are told of how professors go about their daily lives. However,
this book allows us to interrogate not only their credentials as professors but also their real
What stands out from the boot is his dedication to his ambitions. He was always eager to
learn many things. For instance, he wanted to learn math, the movement of ants, physics, lock
picking, the art of music, among many others. The book reflects a professor of physics who faked
foreign languages, played drums, sold his art drawings, cracked saves, and went on to will the
coveted Nobel Prize. Told, through his eyes and those of his co-author, sheds light on his interests
as well as achievements, which to many people are miraculous.
The Message
The authors are trying to tell us that people can learn more specialties. Creativity is the
drive-in everything as it gives us solutions to big problems that we face in our lives. In the book,
Richard Feynman tried to learn everything that he saw. These disciplines are ranging from science
to the arts (Feynman& Leighton, 2018). And he ended up winning the Nobel Prize because of his


versatility. Today people are limited to just specializing in one thing. However, according to
Feynman, this could be limit one's ability. They can do more to make the most of their skills.
Background of the Author
Richard Feynman graduated with a physics undergraduate degree at MIT and went on to
pursue his graduate at Princeton. He was very instrumental in the development of the atomic

bomb. He also taught at Cornell University and later went to Caltech when he spent the remaining
part of his life. He developed a keen interest in math from a tender age as he could often find
practical applications on the concepts he learned. He could do complicated things for children his
age. For instance, he could help in fixing radios for his friends and family.
His emphasis was on learning and comprehending things. This approach is as opposed to
the idea of being conversant with the concept. He later expanded his scope when he developed an
interest in courses that were out of his field of specialization. For instance, he enrolled in biology
and philosophy classes when he was at Princeton, and much enjoyed the lessons. It is hard to
imagine a scientist being interested in other disciplines, for instance, arts.
There was an instance when his father made him develop an interest in ants. He advanced
this interest while at Princeton when he studied how they moved. He achieved this through the
setting of some fun experiments in his apartment to determine at all they had any sense of
geometry in them. The author also developed another interest in how locks are picked.
While at Los Alamos, he enjoyed picking locks when he played a part in the famous
Manhattan Project (Feynman& Leighton, 2018). While undertaking this project, he could surprise
his colleagues by cracking saves. Some of these safes were where the confidential documents on
atomic bombs were held. His curiosity was very important here.



As a result of his versatility, he also pursued other disciplines in the course of his life, like
playing music when he was in Brazil and drawing. He played different types of music there and
even drew pictures that won awards during exhibitions. He has useful insights into life. Also, one
of the standout traits that he possessed was accepting failure as a way of learning for the future.
This is unlike the many famous people whose stories are portrayed as being flawless.
When he was at Princeton, he gave up on a problem that his advisor gave him. Also, while there,
he admitted that he cou...

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