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hi , I will attached the word document , there will be two chapters (6 and 7) , each has different question. please answer chapter 6 questions and chapter 7 separately. the book is (Locke, John. Second Treatise on Government) don't source anything outside of the book please( only from the book) (I don't have it ). Now your answers are to be more thought out, more engaged in expounding, clarifying or questioning what they thought was true. Feel free to ask questions where something is not clear, or you find it to be wrong. Feel free to give your own reflections on what you understand the author to be saying. chapter 6 should be page and half, chapter 7 should be one page nut there no problem if you go beyond.. I will give you perfect recommendation

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Chapter 6

Equality among men is brought by greed and unfairness among men. Some men believe they
are more important than others, and for that reason, they choose to use their resources to undermine
them just to feel superior over them. An example of a cause of inequality among men is where the
monarch starts seeking privileges in their dealings with the people. They want to be held high in
society even when they have no significant contribution to the social-economic situation of the
members of the community. An example of unfairness in monarchy is when a young prince gets
more resources at his disposal even when he does not need it at the time. To make it worse, these
things that he is lavish are a contribution of others through taxes and forceful takeover.
Man can reconcile the inequality with equality by enforcing teachings that allow people to
understand they have n...

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