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West Coast University Week 2 Determinants of Health in Opioid Crisis Capstone Paper

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The Kaltura Desktop Recording tool is available for free to WCU students to assist with recording video assignments. Another software or tool may be used to record your assignment. Completed videos are required to be uploaded to your Kaltura My Media area before they can be submitted in the Blackboard assignment area via Mashups Tool > Kaltura Media.

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In your video response discuss the following:

  1. Discuss how the determinants of health contributed to the opioid crisis in Anytown.
  2. Which determinants of health have had the most influence on the crisis in Anytown? Indicate if the influence was a negative or positive.
  3. Which determinants of health have had the most influence on the national opioid crisis?
  4. What are the similarities and differences between Anytown and the nation?
  5. Use the SWOT management tool from your text to address a general analysis of the opioid crisis in Anytown.

Your video response should be between 3 and 5 minutes. Because we are working with a fictional town, you can make your own assumptions to address the questions based on what you have learned throughout your program. Be sure to explain your rationale for those decisions. Remember to show the SWOT analysis in your response and submit it, as well as the answers to the questions above, along with references for your sources.

See the rubric for specific grading criteria.

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Running head: OPIOID CRISIS

Determinants of health in Opioid crisis


Discuss how the determinants of health contributed to the opioid crisis in Anytown.
Health is very critical in the economy of any town or nation. There are various health
crisis that affects different places. An opioid is one of the major crisis that affects different areas.
Opioid refers to the use of illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and other pain relievers (Engel,
Goodson, Toe, & Landen, 2019). Anytown has been faced with an opioid crisis, which has led to
health degradation in the town. There are various determinants of health that contributed to the
opioid crisis in Anytown. One of the significant factors that have contributed to the opioid crisis
in the town is the lack of education. The most significant percentage of the residents of the town
do not have a good background for education. They are not aware of the dangers associated wi...

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