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Discuss the question below in the paper:

What connections exist between the narrators of “the cask of amontillado” and “the black cat”? What differences? Explain the significance of both.

paper should use atleast 3 sources, be 1200 words or more, correctly documented according to MLA style, and typed (double spaced). At least 1 source must be from a critical or scholarly article on Poe found on database, and one source from the essays on Poe in the text book, and one source can be either of the two.

the links to the stories are below:



UIC The Cask of Amontillado and The Black Cat Edgar Allen Poe Research Paper

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Surname 1

Connection and difference between narrators of two short stories and their significance
The two narrators in the two short stories, 'the cask of amontillado' and 'the black cat'
appear to have numerous connections. They are murderers. Montresor, the narrator in the cask of
amontillado, presents a theme of planned murder through revenge, which is well planned.
Montresor was once best friends with Fortunato. The narrator says that they were once
acquaintances before things changed (Edgar 1). Suddenly, Montresor claims that Fortunato has
hurt him severally, and he wants a more measured and planned revenge that will remain secret.
He believes that killing Fortunato will bring back the eternal peace that has lived in the area.
Consequently, the narrator in the black cat is a murderer, though he does not plan her
killings. He murders for personal gains and because of his pride. The narrator, who is a drunkard,
is compassionate with all animals but more humane with Pluto (Edgar 2). Pluto is a large,
beautiful, and unique cat which the narrator keeps as his pet. Pluto follows the narrator
everywhere he goes, and the two maintain a very tender relationship. The narrator suddenly
changes and becomes hostile with everyone, including his wife, but spares Pluto. This shows the
great love that the narrator has for Pluto. Surprisingly, the narrator, one day, becomes a drunkard
begins to think that Pluto, his only love is avoiding him. He becomes furious and inhumanly
grabs Pluto, who feels offended and bites him. The narrator retaliates by cutting out one of the
Pluto's eyes, and instead of feeling remorseful for having hurt Pluto when he was drunkard does

Surname 2
the contrary. Pluto, on the other hand, continues to avoid him, which is a normal reaction. This
irritates the narrator, who considers Pluto's behavior weird. This hatred led him to hang Pluto on
a tree in cold blood.
The two narrators are selfish, proud, and impolite, which drives them to murder.
Montresor, instead of finding better ways to solve the conflict between him and Fortunato,
believes that killing him was the best way to normalize their conflict and achieve his peace
(Edgar 2). Similarly, the narrator, in the other short stories, hurts Pluto and expects the cat to go
begging and following him after the inhumane act. When his expectation does not happen, he
kills the cat in cold blood. In the second scenario, the narrator gets so intimate with the new cat,
which looks almost the same as Pluto. It did not take long before he began hating the cat and
wants to kill it. When the wife intervenes, he ends up killing his wife.
The other connection of the two narrators is on how the two handle the situations after
killing those who once their friends over little conflicts. Montresor conceals Fortunato's body to
hide evidence after killing him. His plan succeeds (Edgar 3). He had given his servants off to
make sure that his home was safe and that no one would be home to see the ...

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