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Your memo should include a clear statement of purpose and use both headings and bullets to increase its readability. You may use whatever headings/subheadings you feel appropriate.

Be sure to include general headings with a specific, pertinent subject line and a clear statement of purpose introducing the report and its sections. Address your memo to Alan Smithee, CEO of iNova.

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From: Human Resources Leadership
Date: March 22, 2020
To: Allan Smithee, CEO iNova
Subject: Hiring and Culture Recommendations
The purpose of this memo is to give recommendations that address the hiring and retention
practices that improve cultural diversity needs of the company as pointed out by the investors as
a requirement for the necessary funding and future growth of the organization.
The Urgency of Recommendations

iNova as a company stands to gain funding for growth from venture capitalists by having
an objective and fair recruitment system that attracts best talent in the market place. The
best talent with cultural diversity will help the organization in its expansion plans to new

The opportunities for growth provides the company with an opportunity to grow employee
numbers by 150% which is a golden opportunity in building a world class company that is
competitive, has culturally diverse talent base and is customer c...

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