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Solutions: Future of Work Initiative Re-submit Assignment First, read the Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative's State Policy Agenda published in February 2019, which highlights a number of policy options through which governors and state legislators might address problems related to work in the 21st century. Next, choose two of these proposals—one from the "Modernize Worker Benefits and Protections" section and one from the "Build a Skilled and Resilient Workforce" section—and describe in a paragraph (one paragraph for each proposal) how they would address a specific problem. Then explore the "Examples" in the gray boxes under the proposals that you've chosen, reading the endnotes and following the citations and links. Write two more paragraphs (i.e., one paragraph for each proposal) in which you describe one Example that stands out to you. You should end up with four paragraphs overall! Future of Work Initiative In responding to rapidly evolving nature of work, policymakers encounter numerous obstacles. Thus, in evaluation and development of policy solutions, it will require full participation and input from diverse stakeholders such as policymakers, researchers, education, workforce, labor, and business. It is essential then that states considers designating bodies duties of creating awareness and developing solutions. Therefore, there several policy options that the stakeholders may implement to assist in informing future workplace policy. The first option is creation of a task force or short-term commission. Therefore, governors and state legislators should bring together stakeholders such as policymakers, employers, advocates, and workers to assist in answering key questions. The second option is for the state legislators and governors to develop a permanent board that will be accountable for all future work policy issues. The third option is to partial of full-time position for an advisor whose objective will be assist the state in the department of labor. On modernizing workers' benefits and protection, state policymakers should implement paid leave benefit program. The aim of this proposal is to improve workers or employees' security in case where they need to attend to their families or other personal issues. The programs adopted should be portable, allowing contributions across numerous sources of income. Additionally, the policy should cut across independent contractors requiring them to auto-enroll workers since its mandatory to pay the paid leave coverage. On the other hand, in the section building a skilled and resilient workforce, the best proposal is for state policymakers to create worker-controlled lifelong learning and training accounts. The accounts will be financed by government, employers, and workers. The objective of this proposal is to assist the employees in paying for their training and furthering their education to improve their career. The funds in the program should target low and middle-income employees through a state corresponding contribution that goes down as income increases. On paid leave proposal, Massachussets Governor Charlie Baker in 2018 signed a paid leave law that would guarantee all eligible employees get up to 12 weeks of paid medical or family leave. Additionally, the paid leave was extended to 20 weeks for individuals with a serious illness. Therefore, employees could easily attend to their family issues. The legislation will take effect as of 2021 making the Massachusetts seventh state to sign into law the paid leave. Other states that have done Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, and California. Washington and Colombia District programs will take effect in 2020. There are several states such as New York, Chicago, Washington, and Maine which have implemented the Creation of lifelong learning accounts demonstration programs. Washington’s program is workers benefits program where employers come to an agreement on matching the contributions of the employees to a Lifelong Learning Account. The finances are portable and thus can be used as training or educational investment for employees. Eric Lesser, the State senator of Massachusetts proposes a legislation that establishes lifelong learning and training account program. Part two Employees are an important asset to an organization and country in general. However, in the 21st century employees continue to work under conditions where their needs are not taken into consideration. The employers and firms are so into profit making that they forget about those that make it happen. Apart from work-life, employees have other lives that they ought to be living thereby having a healthy balance. The state and legislators have seen the gap in this problem thus implemented several solutions that have seen workers benefit significantly. ...
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In Discussion 2 my classmates and were tasked with reading an article titled “Aspen
Institute Future of Work Initiative's State Policy Agenda” which outlines several policy options
being applied by state legislators and governors in solving problems associated with work. In
this discussion, I analyzed how policymake...


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