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Write a rhetorical analysis paper on one of the argumentative essays listed below. The goal of your paper is to analyze the elements of argument employed by the writer and to explain whether the article is effective or not effective for its audience(s). This means identifying which elements of argument are most important for the article and how they are especially well designed (or poorly designed) for the intended audience, purpose and/or context. You can also discuss the real and invoked audiences if you find that useful to your analysis.

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Rhetorical Analysis “Football Is Here To Stay”
Greg Easterbrook’s article, “football is here to stay” talks about the NFL and how it is
becoming safer day after day. The author poses several arguments in support of the National
Football League growing in popularity despite the many cases of concussions and injuries among
players which are a possible threat to the popularity of the sport. Greg builds his argument based
on the declining statistics of players involved in concussions to support his claim on the growth
of status of the competition. He also addresses the challenge gambling is bringing into the game.
This paper aims to look into the arguments which he brings forward in support of the game based
on reforms he suggests and their possible outcome in improving the general safety of players.
Quite a number of the arguments raised and supported by the author by statistics are quite
agreeable. But a few issues he brings forth are not convincing to support his claim “football is...

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