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1,Other than the perfection of the movable-type printing press and the work of Isaac Newton, what is an innovation/discovery/advancement from the 1500's. 1600's or 1700's that can be directly connected to our lives in the 21st Century?

How did that innovation/discovery/advancement effect/change the lives/thinking of people at that time - either for good or for bad?

How has that innovation/discovery/advancement evolved and what are those connections to today?

2,Fiero writes, "Neoclassical principles of pictorial balance, clarity and restraint gave way to dynamic composition, bold color and vigorous brushwork." Give an example of a work with this "dynamic composition." Explain your answer.

3,In chapter 29, Fiero writes about the Romantic style in art and music. How is this Romantic style a reflection of what was going on politically, socially and culturally at that time? How is this different than what was going on in the 1700's?

4, Read the selection from Frederick Douglass' My Bondage and My Freedom in Fiero. As per Fiero, "does moral responsibility alter according to the status of an individual?" Why or why not?

5,Read Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind" (Reading 27.2). As per Fiero, "How would you describe the function of color in the poem?" and "What does this poem reveal about the personality of the poet?"

6,Read from Thoreau's Walden in Fiero. What do you admire about what Thoreau was doing? Is there anything you don't admire? What would be difficult about Thoreau's adventure? What,if anything, would be freeing about his adventure?

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Sociology Questions- Outline
I. Question 1
A. Apart from the movable-type printing press, another significant innovation that
emerged between the 1900s and 1700s was the steam engine
B. Steam engine significantly helped to increase human productivity and efficiency.
II. Question 2
A. An example of a piece of artwork with a dynamic composition is the Oath of
B. The figure painting in this piece of art is exceptional and focuses on realism
C. The artist also focuses on clarity presenting details with soft brushwork
D. The sensitivity of the female characters is also portrayed. Finally, the artist also
makes good use of color in this painting.
III. Question 3
A. During romantic period, people used art, literature and music to express their
emotions and feeling about the political, social and cultural issues that were
enhancing in the society
B. Prior to the romanticism period, the early 1700s was neoclassic period. Art and
literature during this time did not focus on emotion but realism
IV. Question 4
A. From this insert, it is true that the moral responsibility of individual changes based
on their status
B. When you make someone a slave, you completely deny him or her of moral

C. When someone rises from low status to a higher one in society, people
acknowledge them.
V. Question 5
A. Color symbolism is vital in poems to give deeper meaning to the words used by
the poet, which in turn makes the poem more powerful.
B. Shelley uses colors in this poem to make the audience have a clear picture of what
is going on
C. The use of color in the poem ode to the west reveals that the ...

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